The parents of U.S. hotel heiress Paris Hilton and Greek shipping heir Paris Latsis have decidedly different opinions on the impending nuptials.

Hilton, 24, and Latsis, 22, announced their engagement three months ago and Hilton has been quoted as saying she wants to have children as soon as possible.

But Latsis' father, Gregoris Kasidokostas, tells People magazine his son is too young to get married. "My opinion, as well as his mother's, is that he is too young and he should wait," the mayor of Vouliagmeni, Greece, said.

However, Hilton's mother, Kathy, told People there will be a wedding within the next year -- in fact, two of them.

"There will be a wedding in the U.S. and Greece too," she said. "It will happen soon. I'd say in the next year."

Kasidokostas also told People the family was upset with the lavish gifts their son is reportedly giving his bride-to-be. "He knows that it would be more useful to give this money ... to an orphanage or people who suffer from something, rather than buying these kinds of gifts."