The woman at the center of the Duane "Dog" Chapman racist remark firestorm refused to accept the U.S. TV star's apology because it was issued through a lawyer.

Chapman was caught on tape calling Monique Shinnery, his son Tucker's African-American girlfriend, the N-word.

Tucker Chapman reportedly sold the tape to a tabloid, sparking a media frenzy and prompting emotional apologies from Duane Chapman.

A&E has since yanked his show "Dog the Bounty Hunter" from its schedule and suspended production, pending an investigation.

Shinnery said she doesn't accept Chapman's apology.

"I think Duane's apology was pathetic because it was not directed toward us. He didn't personally call Tucker or me to apologize. His attorney, Brook Hart, did. So, I personally don't accept it," Shinnery told WITV-TV in Honolulu.