Nicole Franzel and Corey Brooks have revealed what's in store for their relationship now that Big Brother -- and their showmance -- is over.

Franzel, Season 18's Big Brother winner, was infatuated with Brooks all season long, but he seemed hesitant to make a move or push their romance into something serious.

"I didn't come into this game wanting a showmance," Brooks told Us Weekly.

But Brooks was the one who initially set the showmance into motion when he asked Franzel to be his "cuddle buddy," which she also reluctantly accepted since she didn't want to reprise Season 16 and get wrapped up in boys again.

That was "the moment I realized I had feelings [for Nicole]... I thought this could be a good thing," the baseball coach noted.

It didn't take long for the pair to become inseparable in all aspects of the game. So now what?!

"Honestly, I would just want her to meet my friends, go out for some margaritas, get some Mexican food. Definitely want her to meet my friends and dog. Maybe go to a post season baseball game this fall. That would be a lot of fun," Brooks told Us when asked about his potential first date with Franzel.

Franzel isn't sure what the future brings, but based on what viewers saw on Big Brother, she'd love to date Brooks in the real world if he was open to it.

"We think very highly of each other," Franzel told Entertainment Weekly Radio's "Morning Live Podcast" on Thursday.

"At the very least we will definitely stay good friends for life. We formed a bond that was insane and it was almost instant, so I definitely think we're meant to at least be in each other's lives in some way or another."

Brooks and Franzel will therefore stay in touch but probably take things slow.

"We're not going to rush anything, but hopefully things progress. She's a great girl. There's a chance there; I like Nicole, she's beautiful inside and out, but I haven't hung out with her outside the house," Brooks told CarterMatt.

"Hopefully she's paying for the date," he added, referencing how Franzel won $500,000.

Both Brooks and Franzel would also love to play Big Brother again if given the opportunity, but the baseball coach would apparently approach the game much differently next time.

"I would absolutely come back for another season, [but] I would not be in a showmance next time," Brooks told the magazine. "Not that I regret it at all this season, not at all, but I want to see how I could play without a showmance. If Nicole is in it then I would do a showmance but if she is not in it than no."