Nick Viall doesn't want Bachelor Nation to jump to conclusions, because he says the ending of his season is probably different from what is expected.

"The next two weeks are packed with emotions, painful goodbyes and my journey coming to an end," Nick wrote in his People blog. "And as much as everyone has been speculating how I finally leave this Bachelor world, it might not be what you think."

Nick's alleged winner has been widely reported for months, as well as whether he got engaged at the end of the show, so it will be interesting to see what happens!

With one fantasy-suite date down and two more to go, the bachelorettes still in the running for Nick's heart are Raven Gates, Rachel Lindsay and Vanessa Grimaldi.

"As my week with three unbelievable woman continues, my feelings for them get deeper and deeper," Nick admitted.

"Raven, Vanessa and Rachel continue to blow me away with their charm, beauty and intellect. I had imagined falling in love in Finland, and it definitely starts to happen."

But as he falls in love, Nick also must break hearts. He gave away in his blog that Lindsay -- who has been announced as The Bachelorette's Season 13 star -- goes home next and it will be his "hardest" goodbye yet.

"Watch next week as Rachel and I share our last date together in Finland and I make one of the toughest decisions to say goodbye," Nick revealed.

"But guys, as if that wasn't enough, there is even more next week! After The Bachelor, I reunite with the beautiful women from my journey during The Bachelor: Women Tell All. Rachel and I see one another for the first time since our tearful goodbye in Finland, and her announcement as the Bachelorette."

Nick also teased that there will definitely be some laughs, mainly thanks to Alexis Waters, who arrived at The Bachelor mansion on Night 1 in a shark costume claiming she was a dolphin.

"Alexis may or may not be wearing a nautical suit," he said, "and the rest of these ladies don't hold back the drama. There is arguing, cheese pasta, sharks, dolphins and a whole lot of tears. Trust me, you won't want to miss what these ladies have to say."

The Bachelor airs a regular episode from 8-9PM ET/PT on Monday, March 6, followed by the two-hour The Women Tell All special on ABC.