Nick Viall is torn between giving Corinne Olympios the attention she needs and making the rest of his The Bachelor bachelorettes happy.

It's no secret for viewers that Olympios is front and center on The Bachelor's currently-airing 21st season, but she's occasionally Viall's main focus as well, which frustrates many women also falling for him.

"Nick wants to take the process seriously," a show source told Us Weekly. "But no other Bachelor has had a sex drive like Nick, and he loves that Corinne is so aggressive."

In the first several episodes, Viall succumbed to the blonde beauty's demands, including grabbing her naked breasts in front of other bachelorettes on a group date and licking whipped cream off her chest at a cocktail party when she appeared to be wearing nothing but a trench coat.

Viall's other potential love interests, including frontrunners Vanessa Grimaldi and Raven Gates, hate to see the Bachelor smitten with a girl who leads with her sexuality.

"His infatuation with Corinne does affect his relationships with some of the women," the source disclosed. "They wonder what he sees in her."

And according to The Bachelor previews, tension will only heighten when Olympios -- with her self-described "platinum vagine" and top-notch skills in the bedroom -- plans to make a big move on Viall in his hotel.

"She tries to sleep with him," the source revealed to the magazine. "It's a dramatic moment."

Although Viall believes Olympios is also fun, unpredictable and confident, the bachelorette allegedly "knew her sexual tactics were her card to get Nick."

Despite previously sleeping through a Rose Ceremony and sitting out of a group date in which the bachelorettes had to do chores on a farm in Wisconsin, Olympios just received a rose on a two-on-one date against Taylor Nolan on the latest episode of The Bachelor.

However, Nolan makes a surprise return next week to confront Viall about his confusing decision when he's trying to enjoy a dinner alone with Olympios.