Nick Viall has the utmost respect for Amanda Stanton but says she wasn't entirely truthful about the demise of their short-lived relationship on Bachelor in Paradise.

Viall appeared on the talk show AfterBuzz TV following Monday night's Bachelor in Paradise episode and discussed a recent post Stanton wrote on her own personal blog.

Viall denied two things Stanton had claimed -- that he initially joined Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise in order to meet Jennifer Saviano and he stopped showing Stanton affection during their one-on-one date once cameras stopped rolling.

"As far as the Jen stuff, I did tell them at one point that this Jen girl -- who you may or may not see in Paradise -- was very attractive and I was very interested in meeting her. I never told anyone that I was coming for anyone specifically," Viall said on the show.

Stanton claimed in her blog that Viall brought up Saviano on a couple of different occasions, which made the single mom question whether he was even interested in her. Stanton said it all started when she bumped into Viall a month before filming began and he mentioned having his eye on Saviano.

"I did tell Amanda when we went out [on Paradise]... I was like, 'Listen, I want to meet Jen. I'm curious about her.' I was upfront with that," Viall said. "[But] I certainly never told Amanda we should date other people and that I only came for Jen or anything like that."

Stanton also suggested Viall only made it seem like he felt a connection with her when cameras were taping. Stanton said he'd stop kissing her or holding her hand at times and the disconnect was obvious.

"Amanda and I had no off-camera times. She mentioned something about that. We were always on camera together," Viall told AfterBuzz TV.

Stanton's blog post was an attempt to justify her controversial behavior with Josh Murray. Fans have accused the couple of disrespecting Viall and rubbing their relationship in his face once Murray stole her away from the two-time The Bachelorette runner-up.

"I definitely was not as affectionate towards Amanda as Josh was. I wasn't quite there yet, but we never had any off-camera time, so I'm not sure what she's referring to with regards to that," Viall explained.

Viall said Stanton's blog was "mostly true" other than those two things. For example, a conversation between the pair wasn't shown around the time Viall gave her a rose -- before Murray arrived -- in which they both agreed to keep an open mind about potential men and women coming.

Despite having a good connection, Viall revealed they were both "still open to that."

"I think one thing I said to her was, 'No matter what, let's be mature about this. Let's be upfront so that if something happens where you want to go a different direction, let's just let the other person know, cause no matter what, we'll be friends at the end of this and maybe we'll hit it off.' We were both on the same page," Viall disclosed.

That's probably why Viall was taken aback by Stanton and Murray's relationship, which seemed to develop faster than a flash of light. Stanton was not shown warning Viall that she liked Murray a lot, while Murray was never shown giving Viall a heads up that he was going to ask out the girl he liked.

Murray has blamed his highly-criticized approach to dating Stanton on an unflattering, inaccurate edit. However, Viall believes producers leave things out but do not make things up