BuffaloNews.com reports that MTV has ordered a second edition of 'Sorority Life' and will be filming it at a University of Buffalo sorority. An addition, a new second series called "Fraternity Life' -- featuring you guessed it, fraternity brothers -- will be filmed on the same campus. An MTV spokeswoman declined to comment, saying final agreements have yet to be signed, however sources say a formal announcement is expected next week.

MTV representatives have been busy in recent days securing housing in Buffalo's University Heights neighborhood near the UB South Campus for the two groups of pledges. They also have been looking at temporary office space to serve as local headquarters for the two programs for the next few months. MTV crews are expected to start shooting the two shows soon after Labor Day, timed with the start of the school year and the kickoff of the rush season.

For its second season, MTV wanted to give the show an Eastern flavor by choosing an East Coast college or university. The two locally shot series will begin airing in February, and reportedly will run back to back on Monday nights. Though the shows are being shot as separate entities, the 12 students are expected to cross over between the programs to some extent.

"Sorority Life," which tracks a group of six pledges through the sorority rush experience, made its debut on MTV in June. The program has become one of MTV's five most popular programs, drawing an average of 1.9 million viewers per episode.

The real-life cast of "Fraternity Life" will see six would-be frat guys rooming together in a North Buffalo house, with video crews trained on their pursuit of happiness, Greek-dom and passing grades. The identities of the participating male and female students have yet to be revealed.