Mike Dutz, a single 26-year-old painting contractor from Three Lakes, WI, became the third houseguest evicted from Big Brother's eighth season during last night's live broadcast of the long-running CBS reality show.

Mike was evicted by a 7 to 2 vote on Day 27.  His ousting means Kail Harbick -- a married 37-year-old business owner from McKenzie Bridge, OR that had also been nominated for eviction -- will get to stay in the Big Brother 8 house for at least another week.

"I'm going to walk out that door with absolute dignity in the hopes that I have enlightened you all and just inspired you all in some way," said Mike before Big Brother 8's houseguests cast their votes live.

Mike's eviction was mostly his own doing, as he was not one of the two houseguests that Dick "Evil Dick" Donato, Big Brother 8's third Head of Household, had originally nominated for eviction. 

Dick, a single 44-year-old bar manager from Los Angeles, CA, had originally nominated Kail for campaigning to have him evicted last week, as well as Jen Johnson, a single 23-year-old nanny from Beverly Hills, CA.  Jen had nominated both Dick and his daughter Danielle Donato, a single 20-year-old waitress from Huntington Beach, CA, for eviction when she was Big Brother 8's second HoH. 

During the Power of Veto competition that followed Dick's nominations, he found himself trying to outlast Jen in order to keep his original eviction nominations in place.  The other houseguests -- who have mostly taken to disliking Jen -- decided to help Dick and try to break Jen's concentration.  Dick told Jen she was not his target, and guaranteed her that Kail was the one he wanted to see evicted.  However when Mike -- an original member of Kail's "Mrs. Robinson Alliance"  -- heard Dick's comments, Mike (spurred on by Kail, who had been the first houseguest eliminated from the POV competition) decided to heckle Dick.

"So you wanna go on the (eviction) block right now?" Dick asked Mike as Mike continued attempting to break Dick's concentration. 

"All the threats in the world won't get to me, it's just a game. It doesn't affect me," Mike answered.

Upset by Mike's flippant response, Dick quit the challenge -- making Jen the week's Power of Veto winner.  "You know what? You're on the block," Dick told Mike.

Once Jen (unsurprisingly) used the Power of Veto to save herself, Dick followed through and put Mike up in her place. 

"Mike is an idiot... he was safe," Dick later commented in the Diary Room.  "The was the stupidest move [he] beat Marcellas.  Marcellas [Reynolds] had the stupidest move in the history of the history of this game [but] now [Mike] tops the list." 

(Back in Big Brother 3, Marcellas, who had managed to win the Golden Power of Veto after being nominated for eviction, decided not to take himself off the chopping block.  He was voted out of the house immediately after announcing his shocking decision, costing himself a guaranteed spot in Big Brother 3's Final 4.)

"It's a horrible feeling to be sitting next to Mike," said Kail.  "He's a great friend, a wonderful guy.  Evil's pretty confident that I am going to be the one packing my suitcase and going home.  So I'm definitely packing my bag now."

Kail was correct in her thinking -- until Dick had a conversation with Nick Starcevic, a single 25-year-old former professional football player from Kimball, MN, and decided Mike was "a lot more of a threat" than Kail.  The rest of the houseguests agreed. 

Mike tried to explain why he taunted Dick before the houseguests cast their eviction votes during last night's live broadcast.

"Sometime in life we have to step outside of our comfort zone and move away from those protective walls and risk your own security for basically what you believe in," he said.  "I believe in values of integrity and honesty... I had to make some actions in a very inconvenient situation for myself which sacrificed my security in the hopes that all of you would see how close I hold those values to my heart, in the hopes that you would trust the player who has those types of values."

Mike's plea fell on deaf ears, with Zach Swerdzewski, a single 30-year-old graphic designer from Burbank, CA who was also a member of the "Mrs. Robinson Alliance," and Eric Stein, a single 27-year-old talent management assistant from New York, NY, being the only ones to vote for Kail's eviction (Eric was required to vote for Kail because as America's Player, that's what viewers had voted for him to do).

Once Big Brother host Julie Chen revealed Mike's eviction and he exited the house, she informed him that -- similar to Dick's Dairy Room comments -- Internet message board posters had been calling Mike's decision to taunt Dick "the dumbest move ever."

"I don't know if they know the whole back story to it," Mike told Julie.  "It basically had nothing to do with taunting Dick.  It was more so a display of my character and I was hoping people would see that I was a person of my word, played with integrity and honesty for what I believe in.  The loyalty Kail had given me... I wanted to give that back to her."

"Putting yourself out for anyone else like that, in this game, is an enormous mistake," said Dick during a video message to Mike that aired after the eviction.  "It was one of the stupidest plays I've ever seen."

After Mike's elimination was revealed, the rest of the houseguests -- excluding Dick, who as the outgoing HoH was ineligible -- competed in the fourth HoH competition "Eliminator," which saw them answering questions about the three evicted houseguests.  Dustin Erikstrup, a single 22-year-old shoe salesman from Chicago, IL, won the competition and became Big Brother 8's fourth HoH.

(Photo credit: CBS/Cliff Lipson)