Michelle Money and Cody Sattler became official boyfriend and girlfriend on Bachelor in Paradise, but the couple is apparently doing so well they're talking about marriage already -- before even moving to the same state.

After Bachelor in Paradise wrapped filming in June, Money and Sattler have been talking "all day every day" and seeing each other every other weekend. Sattler has met Money's family, including her nine-year-old daughter Brielle, and the Chicago native is planning to move from Arlington, IA, to be closer to her, Us Weekly reported.

"I want to marry this girl. I wouldn't be moving to Salt Lake City if I didn't see that in the future... I can't wait to call this woman my wife. I want to get married, and I can't think of a better person to spend my life with than Michelle," Sattler told Us, adding that he'd like to wed "sooner rather than later" if Money obliges.

"I love everything about this girl. She's just a down-to-earth woman. She's beautiful, she's a great mom -- I just love how cool she is. From the moment I met her, I just had this crazy connection with her. She gets me, I get her. It's like I found my best friend who is the most beautiful woman on the planet."

During the interview, Money chimed in, "My heart is just melting over here! It feels so good hearing that from the man you love."

The couple's relationship has simply been blossoming since they met on Bachelor in Paradise, which aired its finale Monday night on ABC. Both individuals found love after Money appeared on The Bachelor and Bachelor Pad's second season in 2011 and Sattler recently vied for Andi Dorfman's heart on The Bachelorette's tenth edition.      

"For me, it was either three strikes and you're out, or third time's a charm," Money told Us. "I've been through a lot with the Bachelor franchise. I've had some amazing experiences and met incredible people, but I've never met anyone as amazing as Cody. I never thought someone like him existed. It's been such a beautiful surprise."

"It's been so easy, and it's only gotten better since the show ended," said Sattler, a personal trainer. "It's going in the right direction, I can tell you that!"

It doesn't hurt that Brielle also apparently loves Sattler and the rest of Money's family "adores him."

"She loves Cody," noted Money, who just brought Sattler on a family vacation. "We laugh nonstop. Cody is a big jungle gym for her -- she climbs all over him. They're like two little kids. He has such a positive, genuine, kind, loving spirit. Anyone who knows him will you tell you the same thing."

Since the pair met on television, they certainly wouldn't be opposed to tying the knot in front of cameras as well.

"We just talked about this! It's so cool that people watched us fall in love, so I don't see why we wouldn't do something so people can continue the journey with us. I think it would be fun," Money explained.

"I would love for people to see what happens with us," Sattler added.

In fact, Money already has one of her bridesmaids picked out. She'd apparently love to have Lacy Faddoul, who got engaged to Marcus Grodd during Bachelor in Paradise's final Rose Ceremony, in her wedding.

"We've already talked about it. We're so excited for one another," Money said. "Lacy and Marcus really fell in love pretty quickly -- it was a beautiful thing to see firsthand."

However, Money and Sattler's love story wasn't anything like Faddoul and Grodd's. Money was overwhelmed by Sattler's strong feelings for her at first and she even considered dumping him. She struggled between following her head versus her heart since her relationship was developing so fast, but one night in the fantasy suite sealed the deal.

"There's something about having that alone time with someone where you can really talk about your past and what makes you who you are," Money told the magazine.

"I've been through a lot in my life, and I really wanted to open up to him. To be able to have the chance to do that without cameras and microphones made such a huge difference for both of us. It took everything to a new level."

"I fell fast. I've only dated two girls seriously in my entire life, and I've been single for four years, so I knew exactly what I wanted," Sattler explained.

"I met Michelle and she just swept me off my feet. I've never met anyone like her. I keep saying if they could bottle how I feel and sell it, I'd be a billionaire. Everyone deserves to be this happy and this in love. It's just a crazy good feeling."