Married at First Sight's reunion special featured a tense confrontation between the experts and Alyssa Ellman over her claim she had been mismatched with Chris Collette, Mark Maher alleging Lindsey Georgoulis had spit on him during an argument, and Jasmina Outar and Michael Morency revealing if they'd be willing to give their relationship another shot during the Season 14 broadcast that aired Wednesday night on Lifetime.

The Married at First Sight fourteenth-season couples who gathered in-studio with host Kevin Frazier were Lindsey and Mark, Jasmina and Michael, Chris and Alyssa, Noi Phommasak and Steve Moy, and Katina Goode and Olajuwon Dickerson.


The couples had been matched by the show's experts: Dr. Viviana Coles, Dr. Pepper Schwartz and Pastor Calvin Roberson.

The Boston-based couples reunited five months after "Decision Day," and the cast was asked what it was like for them once cameras left their homes and lives.

The cast said they were grateful to be able to watch themselves back on TV and have a learning experience from that, and Steve revealed how the privacy allowed Noi and himself to get to know each other on a much deeper level without pressure.

During Part 2 of the reunion, Lindsey was pushed to apologize to Mark for her mean and spiteful words throughout the season, and the experts called Alyssa out on allegedly not getting what she had asked for in a husband.

Below is what happened on Part 2 of the dramatic Season 14 reunion.

The Season 14 Brides Gather Together

Katina revealed all of the girls stayed in touch, with Jasmina adding how they talk in a big group text every day. Jasmina also said she talks to Katina on the phone daily and has been hanging out with Noi more.

Alyssa, however, blocked Lindsey on social media. Lindsey claimed it was because she poked fun at Alyssa at the start of the season for not having much self-awareness, but Alyssa said it was because Lindsey had trash-talked her behind her back at the bachelorette party.

Jasmina also apparently unfollowed Lindsey on social media.

Noi said she was surprised Jasmina and Michael split as well as Mark and Lindsey.

Katina recalled cussing Olajuwon out frequently for nagging Katina about cooking more for him. Jasmina said she didn't like the way Olajuwon spoke to her friend sometimes and she doesn't believe in gender roles, but Lindsey pointed out how Olajuwon knows when he needs to say, "I'm sorry."
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"Now, I just talk sh-t back [to Olajuwon]," Katina revealed with a laugh. "[My big ring, Olajuwon says] is for all the times he embarrassed me on-camera."

The women, except for Lindsey, agreed they never judged Steve for not having a job and they initially didn't see an issue with that as long as he had money saved and could support a family.

Lindsey, on the other hand, said Steve should absolutely get a job and Noi "wanted a six-figure man" in this process given she had grown up in a refugee camp with horrible conditions.

Lindsey admitted she put her foot in her mouth at times but she's always receptive to feedback and growth. Alyssa said she felt uncomfortable around Lindsey every time they were together.

"I have so many opinions. Let's just cut to the chase. Alyssa, you blocked me, but you were sending messages privately to my husband on Instagram," Lindsey announced.

"No," Alyssa replied.

"I don't believe you," Lindsey said.

"That's not the truth, and I have the messages. You can see them," Alyssa claimed.


Lindsey also said Alyssa would often show up at their apartment building and "talk badly" about her to anyone she could. Lindsey said she heard about the gossip and Mark advised her not to be friends with a woman who doesn't wish their marriage well.

"She's not a good person, and I felt like we're here for marriage and you're not -- so stay home," Lindsey declared.

Alyssa said a lot of what Lindsey was saying wasn't true and Mark had been the one to reach out to her, which she was grateful for because he just wanted to check up on her and see if she was okay.

Alyssa also insisted she never talked badly about Lindsey and Mark's relationship, but Noi made a face suggesting otherwise. Katina backed Alyssa, saying she had seen Alyssa and Mark's messages and they were not inappropriate.

Katina said Alyssa also talked to Olajuwon sometimes, and Alyssa confirmed that she remained friends with everybody.

Regardless, Lindsey called Alyssa "rude," but Alyssa said she never spoke badly about Lindsey, who allegedly "made up stories and lies."

"I own up to everything I've said on the show... and I've apologized for things I've done and said, but I will not stand up for lies. I won't do it," Alyssa announced.

Jasmina confirmed that Alyssa didn't talk about Lindsey simply because Alyssa doesn't care about Lindsey, but Lindsey countered, "I know my truth, and I know that's not it... I have no love lost."

Jasmina also revealed she and Lindsey had an altercation at the airport after filming the Married at First Sight: Afterparty show, when Lindsey allegedly said nasty things about Alyssa behind her back and Jasmina asked her to stop.

Jasmina said she asked Lindsey not to be a mean girl or trash her friend, which prompted Lindsey to threaten Jasmina to get out of her car and walk, which Jasmina found "very disrespectful" and "uncalled for."

"Going forward, I don't want your energy around me," Jasmina told Lindsey.

Lindsey said Jasmina got "loud" with her, which escalated the situation, but Noi witnessed the conversation and insisted Jasmina wasn't yelling at Lindsey.

On the topic of Alyssa's psychic telling Alyssa that she's meant to be with a man with a lion tattoo, and it turns out Steve has that tattoo, Jasmina accused Lindsey of sharing that news with all of the women when it really wasn't their business and was just going to start trouble.

Jasmina said Lindsey wanted to make Alyssa look crazy because Alyssa insisted the psychic had mentioned an eagle tattoo, not a lion.

"Steve was meant to be Noi's husband," Lindsey announced.

Katina suggested Lindsey needs to be with a man who's adventurous, patient and has money, and Jasmina said a couple of orgasms here or there would help.


Lindsey said Jasmina needs to find a family-focused man with a kind and caring heart, and Noi shared how Jasmina needs an intellectual man who can have deep conversations. Alyssa added "kind and compassionate" to the list, and Lindsey noted how everyone seemed to be describing Michael.

"But none of y'all said communication!" Jasmina playfully shouted.

On the type of man Alyssa needs, Katina said a country cowboy, and Jasmina totally agreed. Alyssa agreed she's attracted to a rugged man because she shoots guns, rides four wheelers, rides horses and more.

The Season 14 Grooms Gather Together

Mark said he's a different person without Lindsey by his side and there's just positivity when the men are together. Olajuwon said Lindsey didn't have bad intentions but she "doesn't take accountability" for things and is quick to "point the finger."

"The last time we got into a blowout, she spit on my shirt. And I thought that's the worst thing you can do to a person. I was bullied a lot as a kid, and this was probably the worst bullying to my face I've dealt with," Mark admitted.

"I shook a lot of times when we fought. I got very frightened of her. But I had the support of these guys... [They] got me through it."

Mark said life was good for him, although he had hoped to find love and a forever wife.

Mark shared how fighting with Lindsey so often triggered a lot for him, and it was also hard to put a cat down during the stressful and emotional process.

Michael said he had no idea how bad Alyssa got on-camera until he watched the show back, and Chris suggested Alyssa didn't handle things well once she was matched with a man she didn't like.

Mark recommended how Michael could have been more relaxed during the process without overthinking things, adding how many women in America would love being with him.

The Experts Talk to Kevin Frazier

Dr. Pepper said she never expected Mark and Lindsey to be "so combustible," but Pastor Cal thought the biggest surprise was Alyssa and Chris' falling out, which Dr. Viviana agreed with.

Pastor suggested that Alyssa didn't try or give her marriage her best effort, and Pepper insisted Chris is "a fabulous guy" and "a wonderful gift to somebody."

"The fact four couples went the distance was incredibly satisfying for us," Pepper said.

"I didn't expect any of them to split up," Pastor Cal said.

Viviana admitted she thought Mark and Lindsey were going to work out and last long-term, that Mark and Lindsey would settle into "a more mellow place" -- with a healthy dynamic -- once cameras went away.

Viviana said Steve came out of the gate with so much insight and thoughtfulness that he "could be a therapist on the side," which Pepper and Pastor Cal agreed with. Viviana added how Steve brought a calming vibe to his marriage and he uses his analytical side in the right way.

Viviana, however, wasn't sure what to think about Steve and Noi not living together after Decision Day. Pepper said when a couple is just learning each other and building emotion, it's dangerous to spend available time apart and it wouldn't be her first recommendation.


Jasmina said she and Michael were in a good place after Decision Day but a big blowout fight ended their marriage.

Jasmina and Michael apparently argued over a laptop, with a misunderstanding of whether Michael was going to bring it with him one day for Jasmina to use. She claimed Michael asked for a divorce right after that, but Viviana wasn't buying it.

"He says I didn't put forth an effort. But I tried every day to have a conversation, and not once did he text me, not once did he call me. He just came over my house one time," Jasmina alleged.


Jasmina said the one time Michael came to her house wasn't trying.

Michael insisted he had ended their relationship because he "wasn't getting anything" from her. Michael thought he "100 percent" did everything he could to make the relationship work, but Jasmina argued that he had done very little.

"All you did was just come and sit on my couch. That's it," Jasmina said.

"All I did? Yup," Michael snapped.

Pastor Cal said both individuals had needs that weren't being realized and they were missing open and honest communication as well as listening skills.

Viviana pointed out how they were both arguing over how they wanted to be in each other's lives, which was interesting.

"I think the arguments we had were so bad and so hard to come back from because there weren't feelings. It's different when you have feelings for someone and you argue, those feelings are still there," Jasmina explained.

Jasmina explained that it was hard to catch feelings for Michael because their disputes kept turning her off.

Jasmina acknowledged that Michael is "an amazing man" but he's just not her "person."

Viviana warned Jasmina that she was going to enter the dating pool again and wonder about her breakup with Michael, "What was I thinking?!"

Viviana asked Michael and Jasmina "never to say never" because they were both capable partners and stranger things have happened. The experts clearly thought Jasmina and Michael are great together and they could work through this and find the beauty and value in each other.

Jasmina admitted she had no interest in moving forward and trying to see if that's possible with Michael.

"Just think about it!" Pastor Cal urged.


Pepper asked Alyssa to explain why she thought Chris was such a failure in so many ways and why she thought she had been so mismatched when they were actually great together on paper.

Alyssa respectfully disagreed, saying the questionnaires and interviews she had completed didn't align with Chris being her husband. Alyssa felt she and Chris had nothing in common and their core values didn't align.

"I don't feel he's what I asked for," Alyssa said.

"He is exactly what you wrote down in your questionnaire and your application," Viviana argued.

"Well I don't agree with that," Alyssa countered.

Viviana proceeded to read Alyssa's questionnaire and what Alyssa had listed as the "Top 5 most important things" -- compassionate, funny, giving, hardworking and loyal.

"Are you saying he's none of those things?" Viviana asked.

Alyssa said she didn't feel loyalty, and then she broke down into tears, saying she felt attacked. Alyssa said she couldn't articulate herself any better and she wished things had gone differently.

"But I can't keep sitting here, saying the same thing over and over again," Alyssa cried.

Viviana said it was important for her to speak her mind because Alyssa had told people in interviews that the experts didn't do a good job or give her anything that she wanted -- which Viviana viewed as an "error."

When asked what her core values are, Alyssa refused to get into specifics. Alyssa believed she and Chris were just not matched appropriately, but Chris saw why they had been matched.

Alyssa claimed she was put into "a not good situation" and she had really wanted to find a husband.

"I said, 'If you don't find the person I'm looking for, please don't match me,'" Alyssa recalled.

"You had a very, very narrow template of what this person was," Pepper said.


Alyssa admitted she was "heartbroken" to not find her person and she didn't think her match was right.

Viviana told Alyssa to stop looking at just the bad in situations, and then Alyssa cried, "I know it's a running joke, but I am going to keep saying it because I am a good person. [The show] is not who I am."

Pepper said the experts had never put words in her mouth, which prompted Alyssa to say that she was not explaining herself well.

Chris told the experts that he felt so much potential and good energy on his wedding day and it was disappointing to never be able to put that into his wife. Chris said he'd never do the show again but he didn't regret going through the process.

Chris said he wants to be married and is still willing to do the work.

Pepper asked Alyssa to not make her list so long and not strive for perfection because that will help her find her person. Alyssa was confident she'll find her person someday.



Lindsey said seven days after Decision Day -- after she and Mark refinished his family home -- she realized her marriage wasn't going to work. Lindsey asked Mark to be done by her birthday and then have a dinner and massage, which resulted in Mark allegedly giving her an "I owe you."

Lindsey claimed that once enough time elapsed, Mark allegedly said it was too late and her birthday celebration no longer mattered. Lindsey apparently expected Mark to deliver on his promise, and then she said Mark questioned whether Lindsey could stay in his house because she had no rights to it.

Lindsey said at that time, she only had one bag to unpack and people were already moving into her old apartment.

"On the day my grandma died, he said, 'I'm out,'" Lindsey told the experts.

Mark insisted he tried to do everything he could to make Lindsey happy on her birthday, which also happened to be their move-in weekend. But Mark said the issue was Lindsey had made "too many threats" in the house that "ruined" their relationship.

Mark recalled getting into a fight with Lindsey over how she didn't like his job, pay or co-workers. She allegedly asked him not to go back to work, and he didn't oblige.

Mark accused Lindsey of "such extremes," but Lindsey said Mark didn't care for or protect her insecurities and vulnerability.

"I would never throw you on the street, no matter how mean you'd be to me," Mark said.

"You tried to," Lindsey argued.

But Mike insisted Lindsey stayed in the apartment rent-free for three months and she made out great. He claimed that he'd never kick her out and she could have stayed as long as she wanted.

Pastor Cal pointed out how Mark and Lindsey had lost respect for each other and they both "destroyed" the marriage.

Mark said Lindsey has a side of her that's "too violent and too threatening," and he went on to call Lindsey a bully, which Lindsey disagreed with. Lindsey claimed she went into "fight mode instead of flight mode."

Pepper suggested that when Lindsey feels hurt, she responds with anger and lashing out. Pepper and Pastor Cal said Lindsey, although she has a big heart, "goes for the jugular" and it's not fun to watch or receive.

Pepper also told Mark that he often withheld his feelings and sometimes failed to express gratitude to his wife.

Mark started to cry during the interview and said having these conversations and reliving his fights with Lindsey was traumatic.

"I know you're Team Mark, but I don't feel as though he's genuine," Lindsey said.

"There you go, one more dig!" Viviana responded.

Lindsey said she didn't have compassion for Mark because she didn't feel like his tears were sincere. Lindsey confirmed that she had lost all respect for Mark, and Pastor Cal said there's nothing wrong with Mark crying and Lindsey should have empathy for him.

"I hate to say this, but y'all are very similar. And the fact that y'all don't like each other says more about how you feel about yourself than each other," Viviana announced.

Mark shared how he learned to speak up early on in a relationship and what he will or won't put up with.

The Entire Cast Reunites Onstage

"Lindsey and I are balls of fire, so you put them together and you get big flames," Olajuwon declared. "I get Lindsey."

Lindsey said she has a lot of respect for Olajuwon and a one-on-one conversation cleared the air and bonded them, which rolled into the pair giving each other advice about their respective marriage.

Lindsey said she felt bad about her delivery sometimes and could have presented her feelings with kinder words and a more positive term. Kevin pointed out how Lindsey often tried to humiliate Mark and say the worst things about him.

"Sometimes I was just trying to b-tch in a corner by myself," Lindsey explained.

"But you were b-tching to other people," Kevin said.

Lindsey told Kevin that it was a learning process and she's working on herself, and then Kevin asked her to apologize to Mark if she really and truly felt bad about her actions.

"I'm sorry that I hurt your feelings and that I just got so angry so quickly. I can't take it back. If I could, I would, and I hope you can expect that," Lindsey said.

When asked if there's anything else he'd like an apology for, Mark quietly murmured, "I'm good."

Lindsey denied ever spitting on Mark, but he insisted, "She spit on my shirt."

Lindsey claimed she said, "I want to spit on you, but I don't have spit to spit."

Olajuwon, being Lindsey's friend, asked her to own up to the behavior and say sorry because no one believed her and she didn't look good to the world. Olajuwon said Mark really cared for her and was good to her, and so Lindsey told Mark, "I'm sorry... that we got to that toxic level."

Mark said that spit situation hurt him the most and he remembered it like it was yesterday.


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