Married at First Sight featured Gil Cuero calling Myrla Feria "a spoiled brat" and saying she must change in order for their marriage to work, Zack Freeman and Michaela Clark spending the night together, Johnny Lam completely "torn" over whether to stay with Bao Huong Hoang, and Ryan Ignasiak moving out of his apartment with Brett early during Wednesday night's Season 13 episode on Lifetime.

Married at First Sight's thirteenth season stars Gil and Myrla, Johnny and Bao, Michaela and Zack, Brett and Ryan, and Rachel Gordillo and Jose San Miguel.


The five couples were matched for matrimony by Married at First Sight's experts Pastor Calvin Roberson, Dr. Pepper Schwartz, and Dr. Viviana Coles.

Married at First Sight Season 13 Episode 16

The Married at First Sight broadcast began on Day 50 of marriage with Myrla making Gil cookies to show her love, and Ryan admitted he wasn't on the best of terms with Brett after one of her friends had caught him on a dating app.

Ryan said he felt guilty and bad about the situation and didn't look forward to "starting over." However, Ryan said he doesn't regret participating in Married at First Sight because he had fun with Brett and learned a lot about himself.

Ryan told his buddy while playing tennis that he could pinpoint every reason why his past relationships didn't work out and a lot of the time, he was to blame for not communicating well or expressing his emotions.

Ryan's friend advised him to think things through and not make a rash decision, but Ryan shared how his marriage was probably past the point of repair because he had downloaded the dating app and Brett was well aware of that.

When asked if he could do anything to make the relationship work, Ryan said he didn't know and didn't want to be fighting for a marriage his entire life, especially when kids come into the picture.

Michaela then met with her sister and explained how Zack viewed her as "a combative person" but Dr. Pepper Schwartz had asked the couple to focus on the positives of their marriage and at least have one intimate conversation before "Decision Day."

After the meeting, Zack invited Michaela to grab food, and she said she and Zack finally got through to each other and understood one another, which led into Michaela spending the night.

"I packed a bag," Michaela confirmed to her sister. "I did [spend the night]."

Michaela said it felt "normal" to be back with Zack but she didn't know how to proceed with Zack from that point on.
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Michaela's sister worried Zack was leading Michaela on, but Michaela wasn't even sure whether she was going to say "yes" or "no" to staying married on "Decision Day."

With only six days remaining until "Decision Day," Bao met with her girlfriend Anh -- notably not Sarah, who had thrown Bao under the bus to Johnny -- at a restaurant to chat about the extreme experiment.

Bao said Johnny had been "taken to the fire" by Married at First Sight's experts as well as his family and friends to put effort into his marriage and not give up, but she complained about how Johnny believed he had his feelings validated by Sarah, who had painted Bao as "a man eater."


Bao admitted she had not been her best self in past relationships, but Anh assured Bao that no one is perfect. Bao felt "betrayed" by both her husband and best friend of 20 years.

Anh pointed out how "a mountain of pros" was outweighing the cons, but Bao explained how there was still a lot of "good" in her marriage and there were times when the couple had fun.

When asked what she would do if Johnny said "yes" on "Decision Day," Bao said she would forgive him and try again, as long as Johnny truly wanted to fight for their marriage.

After Rachel was shown gushing to a friend about how she felt "nurtured and cared for" by her sweet husband, she also wondered if she could put up with the fact Jose isn't a great listener.

Rachel was also still a little worried about the time Jose had flown off the handle and locked her out of their apartment.

"I think I am a little naive in thinking it will never happen again," Rachel explained.

Jose, however, had attempted to change by writing note cards all over the house as reminders for things he should or shouldn't do when interacting with Rachel. Rachel's friend didn't think they'd be useful, but Rachel was at least happy Jose had held himself accountable.

With only five days until "Decision Day," Myrla told her friend how she had "gotten a good one" with Gil, who is patient when she can be moody.

Myrla said her only "con" with Gil was finances and how Gil apparently didn't have a savings account. Myrla also pointed out how Gil had just started his firefighting career and their salaries are drastically different.

Myrla wanted a man with an established career, and she also said she doesn't want to change her lifestyle with her brunch on weekends and expensive shopping habits.

"He cannot live the lifestyle I want to live, and that's a problem," Myrla noted.

Jose then gushed to a friend about how Rachel enjoys sports and cooks and cleans, which he really liked, but he was concerned about her cheating past and whether she'd be faithful to him in the future.

Jose also said Rachel left him when times got tough and he wanted a team player, someone who would be his partner and be in the marriage "for the long haul."

Rachel also slept at an ex-boyfriend's house on the night of their big fight, but she assured her husband that "nothing happened" and she basically just needed a place to stay.

Meanwhile, Johnny's conversation with Sarah was "messing with [his] head" and so he met up with two guys friends to talk about his relationship.

Johnny said he "started seeing red flags" during his honeymoon and then things continued to go south.


"I tried to be into her -- a lot. And there are moments when I am and I can be," Johnny shared, adding that Bao had gone through some tough things growing up.

Johnny apparently wanted to take care of Bao when she was upset, which felt "strange" since they were being good to one another after weeks of being distant and not really getting along. Johnny recalled feeling "something" for Bao after she read an emotional letter to her younger self.

"I'm starting to become somebody that I don't understand," Johnny said.

Johnny's friends suggested how this new man might be a better man, and they pitched the idea of Johnny compromising.

When asked if there was still a chance for his marriage, Johnny replied, "That's a tough question."

Johnny noted how having "better moments" with Bao made him question whether he truly wanted a divorce, and so he acknowledged he had a lot more thinking to do.

With only four days to go until "Decision Day," Gil and Zack met up for a chat, and Zack called Michaela "an amazing woman" and said she was definitely on the show for the right reasons.

Zack said Michaela's exes never held her accountable for her dramatic reactions and outbursts to things, and so he thought she actually appreciated him explaining her faults so that she can change work on how to handle conflict and potentially change.

It became clear that Zack was focused on only one dealbreaker with Michaela, and so he wasn't sure what his choice was going to be on "Decision Day."

Meanwhile, Brett revealed to the cameras how Ryan had already moved out of their shared apartment and she was just trying to process the demise of her relationship and ultimate breakup.

"The thing that offends me is that he can't take responsibility for himself when you tell him things. And it's such an analogy for the way that he operates. It's almost like he didn't seem surprised that I knew about [the dating app]," Brett said.

"I was one million percent actually ready to do this... I was trying my hardest every single day."

Brett said Ryan didn't seem to realize how hard marriage was going to be and how he probably wouldn't have an "instant ready-made situation." Brett said once Ryan realized he didn't receive what he had ordered, he essentially checked out.

Brett confessed that she was very disappointed and a "little angry" sometimes. She said her relationship "didn't need to go down like that," with Ryan basically moving on before the experiment was even over.

Afterward, Rachel was shown telling Jose that she wanted to travel to Switzerland and Thailand and would like to have a big international trip every other year, but Jose recommended that they do small trips here or there such as skiing or Las Vegas.


"But again, that will not be our trip of the year," Rachel noted.

Traveling to Europe apparently didn't interest Jose at all, which "crushed a part" of her. Rachel felt her husband, once again, wasn't listening, and she wished they could come up with a final resolution that would work for the both of them.

Myrla and Gil were then shown having a good time rollerskating together, but Gil subsequently admitted how Myrla's negativity was a big deal for him and she could sometimes act like "a spoiled brat." He was questioning whether he wanted to be married to her forever.

Gil, for instance, said he didn't want to live in a high-rise apartment, which is what Myrla desired. Gil said the things that mattered to Myrla didn't matter much to him, but Myrla said she never forgot where she came from and she is simply money and career-motivated.

Myrla wondered if Gil was going to leave her unless she said she'd change her lifestyle, and that was a big concern for her.

"I want [my wife] to enjoy the little moments in life that doesn't have to do with expensive gifts or expensive trips. You can't always have that in life... If that is the only way they can enjoy life, then that's not the person I want to be with," Gil explained.

With only a few days left until "Decision Day," the five couples got together to talk about their experiences.

Gil announced that Myrla needed to change "for the right reasons" and stop acting like she's single, and Brett pretty much declared she was saying "no" on "Decision Day" because her husband lacked chemistry, communication, respect and more.

"I've been honest with myself through everything," Ryan commented. "And I'm going to keep doing that."

Bao admitted she probably wouldn't be able to "get over" a "no" on "Decision Day" because it would mean someone is definitely out of the marriage, but Zack saw the end of the experiment differently.

Zack said a "yes" on "Decision Day" just meant that he had been happy in the last eight weeks and wanted to continue on. Bao said there was no chance her relationship could come back from a "no," but Zack didn't believe it would make or break his own relationship.

"I don't understand Zack's line of logic. I can't help but feel like he's thinking about walking into Decision Day and signaling to the world, 'Hey, I'm divorced, I'm single,' but, 'Michaela, let's work on our love on the side.' That doesn't make any sense to me," Bao said in a confessional.

Michaela said a "no" would initially be humiliating for her for after talking to family and friends, she'd be okay and would just need to see more effort from Zack if he wanted to make things work after "Decision Day."


Bao made it very clear that Johnny rejecting her on "Decision Day" was absolute and the definite end of their marriage, and so Johnny took note.

The couples also discussed what they had learned about themselves, and Johnny revealed he's "an emotional wreck" when "faced with real hardship," and Bao said she had learned to be patient.

Zack said his critical-reasoning skills are not top-notch and he learned to think in a different way thanks to Michaela, and Gil announced how he allowed himself to be vulnerable even if it meant getting hurt in the end.

Gil subsequently FaceTimed with his mother and vented about Myrla being "high class" and "a complainer." He didn't want to spend $300 on a shirt or $600-1,000 on shoes. Gil wondered if time could help his relationship because he really wanted to leave the process married.

"But if my wife doesn't change, we might just not make it," Gil concluded.

With only two days until "Decision Day," Johnny and Bao went to a nice, romantic dinner, and Bao was all dressed up in a sparkly dress. Johnny thought she looked really nice and was totally "torn" about what final decision to make.

The couple had a lot of ups and downs, but Bao said there was no dealbreaker in the relationship for her. Johnny said he thought it was "a good idea" to continue exploring their relationship, and Bao shared how she could see a world in which Johnny and herself could be happy together.


Johnny was thankful to have received deeper insight into who Bao is after learning more about her childhood and family, but his conversation with Sarah was still in the back of his mind.

Johnny didn't want to enter "Decision Day" with fears and doubts, so he was determined to go in with an open mind and his walls down.

Meanwhile, Myrla said her marriage was nothing like she had ever imagined, but she told Gil that she had no regrets about the process and would feel good about their time together going into "Decision Day." Both individuals were clearly undecided.

And during Bao and Johnny's last night in their apartment, Bao said she didn't know what her decision was going to be even thought she initially felt so lucky to be married to Johnny.

Johnny also wasn't sure if the good moments in his marriage were enough to stay married to Bao forever.

The episode concluded with Ryan taking the last of his belongings out of his shared apartment with Brett. He apologized for how things had ended and said he never "intended on purposely upsetting or hurting" Brett, which she said she appreciated.

"I think very highly of Brett, and it felt good to clear the air... Regardless of whether it works out for us in the end, it doesn't change what I feel about her -- and hopefully the same for her," Ryan told the cameras.

Brett told Ryan that they'd get through "Decision Day" together, and he thanked his wife for not hating him.


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