"Mariah's World's" Sunday night premiere on E! revealed Mariah Carey had postponed her wedding to James Packer before their split.

"You're superwoman and you can do this, but how are we going to pull this off?" Carey's manager Stella Bulochnikov was heard explaining to Carey as the series premiered on E!.

"I feel like you'll be putting your professional life before your personal life and it makes me feel bad, but dare I say, do you postpone the wedding?" Bulochnikov continued before Carey weighed her options.

"This is a hard decision to make. I'm not sitting around, like, 'Oh, just blow off the wedding,'" Carey says.

"I'm sitting here going, 'How am I supposed to fulfill my professional obligations and not disappoint my team."

Ultimately, Carey did decide to postpone the wedding and broke the news to Packer over the phone.

"I feel bad because I know I've disappointed James by postponing the wedding but what I need to focus on right now is this tour," Carey said.

Carey and Packer called it quits in October. Since then, Carey has acknowledged that she's "doing well."