Malik Davage from Washington, D.C. won his The Voice Battle for a spot on Adam Levine's team heading into the Season 12 "The Knockout Rounds."

Malik performed "Love Me Now" by John Legend against Kawan DeBose from Miami, FL, for his Battle. Malik knew he had his work cut out for him because of Kawan's talent.

"Going in, there was a lot going on in my mind, but I knew there was a sense of maybe I was kind of, like, the underdog because going back to my Blind Audition, you know, I remember Adam telling me I needed to work on my upper register and I'm going up against Kawan. He's a three-chair turn and he gets compared to Prince," Malik told Reality TV World.

"There was a lot going in to my [Battle], but being with Kawan and the great individual that he is, and just being around him and just knowing how he is and how things got along, I kind of went in more confident."

Malik explained that it became more of a competition against himself, rather than against Kawan.

"[We] discussed with each other how it was kind of more -- we both know we're phenomenal singers, so going into the situation, we were kind of just solely steadily focusing on our performance and just letting the energy and the vibes and the music just take us where we needed to go," Malik said.

The two artists did an excellent job with their duet after struggling in rehearsal the day prior. Adam said he declared Malik the winner because he can envision working with him the best going forward. Adam also wanted to commend Malik for his positive attitude and technical proficiency.

"It was an awesome experience, and I'm so thankful that I walked away with winning the Battle. I still can't even believe that I won the Battle. It still shocks me to this moment," Malik admitted.

Although Adam picked Malik for his excellent attitude, Malik told Reality TV World that doesn't necessarily mean Kawan's attitude was negative or unfavorable.

"Kawan is a great guy. Kawan is an awesome individual, a phenomenal vocalist," Malik explained.

"I really can't speak too much on that because me being around the guy, he's a good person, a good individual. So I don't know what the situation there was. All I know is the guy is a good individual, a good guy and a phenomenal vocalist."

Kawan unfortunately was not stolen by Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton or Alicia Keys. Each coach is allowed two steals during "The Battle Rounds."
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"One person had to go home but I was hoping he got a steal. I was really praying that Kawan got a steal. And I didn't know why [he didn't] because he was a three-chair turn. So I can't really speak on his attitude. I don't know much about that. I know from me knowing him personally, he's a good guy," Malik pointed out.