Love Island Season 2 winners Justine Ndiba and Caleb Corprew have announced their split just three months after the show's finale aired on CBS.

Justine, a 27-year-old billing coordinator and go-go dancer from Rockaway, NJ, and Caleb, a 24-year-old IT sales consultant from Oklahoma City, OK, were voted "America's Favorite Couple" and therefore took home the $100,000 prize when Love Island's second season wrapped in September 2020.

While Justine and Caleb convinced fans they left the show with both money and love, their relationship unfortunately didn't last long.

Justine announced Saturday in an Instagram post she and Caleb have called it quits on their romance.

"It's truly a strange feeling to be typing this out but I understand my reality is now having to share some aspects of my life with you all regardless of how private I'd like to remain at times," Justine wrote to her followers.

"This is extremely difficult for me to express but out of respect for those of you who supported me, and rode for me, I want you to know that Caleb and I are no longer together."

Justine went on to write, "I do ask for time as I continue to go through the process of heartbreak and healing as this has all been very hard for me. I cannot thank you all enough for the love and support to this point and I hope that it may continue as we move forward as individuals."

Caleb addressed his breakup with Justine the following day on Instagram.

"As many of you may already know, Justine and I are no longer together. I wish her the absolute best and much continued success as God blesses her with new opportunities and adventures," Caleb wrote on Sunday.

"This announcement has been one that we have wrestled with for some time now. Not knowing exactly when or how to deliver it. The nature in which we met and fell for each other comes with a unique set of obstacles that nothing in life can ever prepare you for."

Caleb thanked the fans who supported them and would continue to support them as individuals going forward.

"I hope those of you who have supported us will choose compassion over condemnation during this difficult time. Myself, Justine, our loved ones, etc. are all real people with real emotions who love and hurt hard," Caleb added.

"Unfortunately, when you choose privacy... others often feel it is their place to tell your story for you. Speculation or not. Even with that in mind, I am still choosing privacy for the sake of my own personal peace. I kindly ask that you please respect any of Justine's or our loved ones desire for privacy as well."
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Caleb, however, apparently didn't receive the privacy or respect he had requested.

On Monday, Caleb -- whose intentions have been questioned and whom many fans blame for his split with Justine -- revealed on Instagram he has received death threats and been subjected to accusations against his character as well as "false narratives."

"It is simply impossible to fully capture the complexity of one's identity or character through a screen. Not through a couple feed posts each week... Not even an hour a day five days a week for a month on your TV screen," Caleb insisted.

Just one week prior to Justine and Caleb's announcement, Love Island's Season 2 runner-up couple Cely Vazquez, a 24-year-old legal secretary from Sacramento, CA, and Johnny Middlebrooks, a 22-year-old student from Chesapeake, VA, confirmed they had also parted ways.

"Because you've all been such a close part of our relationship, I wanted to share with you that Johnny and I are no longer together," Cely wrote January 9 on Instagram, according to Us Weekly.

"While our relationship has been public from the start, I do ask that you respect this decision and our privacy during this time. There is no reason to speculate, I am so thankful for our time together, but now it's simply time for each of us to focus on our own personal journey."

"I hope that you continue to support each of us individually as we move forward, heal and continue to follow our dreams," she concluded.

And Johnny, 22, expressed a similar sentiment on his Instagram Stories on January 10.

"Thank you so much for everything. I appreciate the time we spent together on this unforgettable journey," Johnny explained alongside a video of the pair kissing on the show, Us reported.

"I will forever cherish the fun we had, the laughs we shared, and the memories we created. Thank you to all of the fans who loved and supported us the whole way through. Much love."

Both of the Final 2 Love Island couples committed to each other during the five-week season and believed they had found true love while being sequestered with other Islanders in a villa on top of Caesars Entertainment's boutique hotel, The Cromwell, in Las Vegas, designed to be a "bubble" amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The couples who finished in third and fourth place on Love Island's second season also crashed and burned after the finale taped.

Third-place finishers Calvin Cobb, a 25-year-old sales manager from Houston, TX, and Moira Tumas, a 28-year-old shopping channel model from Brielle, NJ, have ended their relationship.

And the fourth-place couple, Carrington Rodriguez, a 22-year-old sales manager from Salt Lake City, UT, and Laurel Goldman, a 22-year-old eyelash extension technician from Oxford, AL, are also over.
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