Love Island's premiere featured 10 Islanders -- five girls and five guys -- moving into their Las Vegas villa and coupling up, before Johnny Middlebrooks entered the scene and shook things up by stealing Cely Vazquez away from Tre Forte during Monday night's Season 2 episode on CBS.

After five superficial couples were formed at the start of the broadcast based on looks and first impressions, Love Island host Arielle Vandenberg welcomed Johnny, a 22-year-old student from Chesapeake, VA, to the villa and gave him 24 hours to get to know the ladies.

After one full day, Johnny had his pick of the five women on the show and chose to couple up with Cely, a 24-year-old legal secretary from Sacramento, CA, who had been partnered with Tre, a 25-year-old personal trainer from Boca Raton, FL.

Johnny's decision at the fire pit left Tre "single" and "vulnerable" of being dumped as two more single girls were about to be thrown into the casting mix.

The Love Island premiere broadcast began with the five initial female Islanders moving into their sequestered Las Vegas villa at The Cromwell, which was designed to be a "bubble" amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Cely says she works a 9AM-5PM job but likes to spice things up in the workplace with her fashion. She said in relationships, she tends to be the "more dominant" person.

Cely has been single for two years and noted, "I feel like this is my time to meet someone. Put me in the center of their world -- someone who will love Cely as much as Cely loves Cely."

Moira Tumas, a 28-year-old shopping channel model from Brielle, NJ, told the cameras she is so ready to find love.

Moira had one boyfriend in her life and the relationship lasted for eight years, but she said he wasn't willing to commit to and marry her -- and so she decided to be single.

"I have been boy-crazy since my breakup, like a kid in a candy shop... I'm like, 'You're hot, let's make out and have kids. Where do you want to live?! Let's do this," Moira shared.

Justine Ndiba, a 27-year-old billing coordinator by day and go-go dancer by night from Rockaway, NJ, said her "strict" and "old-school" parents are now aware of her weekend job as a dancer.

Justine said her dancing "pays the bills" and she's looking for a man who will really commit.

"Show me that your mom raised you right," Justine said of the man she'd like to date.
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"Like, where are all the respectful guys?! I have a finance degree, so I have the brains but I also have this wild side to me, so I'm kind of just the full package."

Kaitlynn Anderson, a 27-year-old in promotions from Lapeer, MI, said while she enjoys being dolled up, there's also a part of her that loves lounging with no makeup on. She apparently has a country-girl side to her.

Kaitlynn envisioned herself with a country boy, who "semi runs a farm" and maybe even has a "dad bod."

"It's been a long time since I've been surrounded by testosterone, and I just, like, want someone to touch me. I'm not asking for too much; I've just been asking the wrong person," Kaitlynn shared.

Mackenzie Dipman, a 24-year-old full-time student from Scottsdale, AZ, revealed she's very sarcastic and needs a guy with a similar sense of humor.

Mackenzie said she has a history of dating millionaires in the past couple of years.

"They just happen to be millionaires, I didn't seek that out," Mackenzie insisted with a giggle.

"I've been on yachts, I've been on private jets, but money doesn't really matter to me. I'm looking for someone who wants to watch the big game and throw back some beers and pizza. I am genuinely looking for that, [but] a lot of guys are afraid to approach me."

Mackenzie said men tended to assume she's just another dumb blonde with big boobs but they needed to at least read the first chapter of her book rather than judging it by its cover. Mackenzie also claimed to be on the show looking for true love.

Love Island host Arielle then greeted the girls, who had been quarantined for weeks and COVID-19 tested multiple times.

Arielle introduced the girls to one man at a time, and the goal was to couple up right away.

Arielle asked the ladies to step forward for each man if they found themselves attracted to him.

First up was Jeremiah White, a 22-year-old store sales associate from De Kalb, MS, who immediately showed off some of his dance moves. Justine immediately gushed about liking his energy.

Jeremiah is from a small town and said his mother had raised him to be upfront and honest. He was looking for a woman who could be his best friend, with a good sense of humor and personality. Jeremiah also hoped to find a woman who can cook.

Justine was the only girl who stepped forward, after a moment of hesitation due to nerves.

While Cely said Jeremiah is "gorgeous" and gave her "butterflies," she was hoping to feel "the whole zoo" from a guy.

Jeremiah still had his pick from any of the ladies, and he opted to couple up with Cely.

"I'm excited. He's literally so beautiful, so this is great!" Cely gushed, although she didn't express an initial desire to be with him.

The girls then met James McCool, a 27-year-old personal trainer from Winchester, VA, who is currently living in Florida. James is the youngest of four boys in his family and said his brothers molded him into the man he is today.

James it's difficult to contain him and he's a bit wild. For example, he's loaded up with tattoos -- but said he'd never get a girl's name tattooed on him, ever.

"I think I can be a little clingy if I like you a lot. That's why I have to find someone who can cling to me back, [like] Koala bear next to me," James told the cameras.

None of the four remaining girls stepped forward for James, with Mackenzie admitting tattoos aren't her style. Kaitlynn said while she likes tattoos, she wanted to wait for someone else, and Moira was apparently looking for more of an instant connection.

James wanted to pair up with Moira, saying he did in fact feel an instant connection with her.

The next boy to enter Love Island was Tre from Florida.

Tre said he considers himself the total package, with a nice smile and abs to match. Tre, a college football player, admitted he's never really had to try with the ladies.

Tre confessed he used to be a player and had done things he's "not proud of."

"But it's time to grow up and be a man, and I told myself the next girl I'm with, I'm going to make sure I'm all in," Tre shared, adding, "I'm not worried about the other guys."

The three remaining women didn't step forward for Tre, with Kaitlynn saying she's not sure Tre is her type.

Mackenzie didn't like hearing Tre is a club guy when she's a homebody, and Justine acknowledged Tre seemed to have "dangerous eyes" and was "really flirty."

Tre could choose whomever he wanted, even if the girl was coupled up, and he decided to "stir the pot early" by selecting Cely, who said Tre seemed "super cute."

Tre told Jeremiah that it was "nothing personal" and he hoped it wouldn't spark any hard feelings. Jeremiah was therefore cast to the "subs bench" and wouldn't be matched until all the other guys were coupled up.

The ladies were then introduced to Connor Trott, a 23-year-old auditor from Pittsburgh, PA.

Connor said he loves structure and order and is a huge numbers guy. Connor admitted he doesn't have much game and always struggled in the dating world.

"Trying to pick up girls, it doesn't come natural to me. Girls can make me nervous sometimes," Connor told the cameras, adding that he was hoping to get comfortable talking to girls.

Connor was glad he wouldn't have to hit on a girl and ask for her number like he would in a more typical dating situation.

Mackenzie, Justine and Kaitlynn were still free, and Mackenzie stepped forward for Connor. She said he was cute with a nice smile, and while she typically doesn't date men with facial hair, she thought his looked good.

Kaitlynn apparently didn't like the fact Connor had shaved his whole body although he's handsome.

Connor decided to couple up with Mackenzie, whom he said has super pretty hair and a really cute smile.

Carrington Rodriguez, a 23-year-old sales manager from Salt Lake City, UT, then ran out to meet the ladies after bragging to the cameras he's a "20 out of 10" and isn't exactly humble.

Carrington said he brought in four million dollars for his company last year and would definitely consider himself to be successful for his age. He called himself "sexy" and "the life of the party."

Carrington said his ideal partner is blonde, tan and standing 5'6" or 5'7" tall.

"I would definitely say I'm an alpha. At the end of the day, I get what I want and I do what I want," Carrington bragged.

Kaitlynn stepped forward to reveal she was attracted to Carrington, although he looked a little young. Justine agreed Carrington looked too young for her, but he insisted he's mature for his age.

Carrington chose to become Kaitlynn's partner, and he called her "super hot."

And finally, Justine and Jeremiah were paired up as the last remaining singles on Love Island.

"This is so awkward!" Justine admitted. "I don't know, we'll see. We'll talk."

"I'm feeling good," Jeremiah noted. "We'll see how it goes."

The couples then had time to get to know each other, live with each other and even share a bed with each other that night. However, Arielle warned the couples anyone could arrive at any point since this is Love Island.

With that being said, Arielle introduced Johnny to the group -- and Moira's jaw dropped open at the sight of him.

Johnny said he came to Love Island looking for The One. He runs track and has apparently always been in shape. He said he grew up with three sisters and so he learned to understand women on a deeper level and respect them.

"Honestly, I treat girls like queens," Johnny said, adding, "When it comes to a girl, if you're not treating her right, I will... You can't just find a Johnny anywhere."

Johnny called the women beautiful, and the guys were looking a little nervous.

Johnny was given 24 hours to couple up with one of the women, leaving one man "single and vulnerable."

Arielle reminded the cast that in order to stay on Love Island, the men and women must find themselves in a couple, and only one couple in the end can win $100,000.

When the girls checked out their living situation, Cely admitted she was "really sad" when Jeremiah got taken from her, but Justine acknowledged she was just feeling a friendship with Jeremiah.

Moira gushed about being "smitten" with James, and Mackenzie called Connor "sweet." Kaitlynn, however, wasn't really feeling Carrington, although she planned to get to know him better.

"This situation is kind of intimidating, so I'm just kind of testing the waters a little bit, and then I'm going to pounce," Kaitlynn said.

Kaitlynn felt Connor was cuter than Carrington, but Mackenzie joked, "Hands off!"

Johnny revealed he had his eye on a few women, and then the Islanders became better acquainted with each other.

Mackenize told Connor that she's a huge sports fan, and he immediately called her his "dream girl." It had also been eight months for the both of them since they were last in a relationship.

Cely told Tre that she had her fair of fun but was looking to settle down and get more serious with a guy. Cely liked the fact he's a former pro football player, and she apparently thought they had an easy, natural conversation.

After a little dance party, Justine and Jeremiah just weren't vibing. She didn't feel a romantic connection with him, and so she admitted she was sad.

James told Moira he's a big cuddler, especially when he's falling asleep, and she said she loved that.

Moira found him sweet and sincere and called him "a dream guy." It didn't take long for the couple to share a kiss, and Moira gushed, "It really can't get better!"

Cely and Johnny had some laughs together, and Johnny said he wanted to find a woman whom he could stay up all night talking to.

The group then played "Kiss and Blow" with a playing card, and the person who dropped the card had to do a dare. When Tre dropped the card, he was asked to kiss a woman whom he'd like to get to know better, and he picked Kaitlynn.

Carrington was forced to choose the hottest guy and girl to kiss, and that pairing was Connor and Mackenzie.

Tre and Johnny agreed Kaitlynn had nice lips, and Tre urged Johnny to talk to her and not wait until the next day, when it might be too late.

Johnny then sat down with Kaitlynn and complimented her beautiful eyes, and she admitted there were a couple of guys whom she was interested in. Carrington then told Kaitlynn that he got a little jealous when watching her talk to another guy.

Carrington let Kaitlynn know that he was interested in her while putting a hand on her leg, and then the couple made out, with Johnny watching from a distance. She called the kiss nice and said Carrington has "amazing lips."

Tre snagged a moment alone with Kaitlynn as well and kissed her, and Kaitlynn said Tre and Carrington were "tied" in terms of which guy was the better kisser.

Meanwhile, Connor considered himself old-fashioned and wished his first kiss with Mackenzie had been under different circumstances, not during a game of "Kiss and Blow." The pair therefore agreed to have a do-over when the time was right.

Mackenzie shared she's a private girl who struggled to find a guy willing to commit to her. Connor felt Mackenzie was way out of his league, but at the same time, he said he felt comfortable in her presence.

As for Justine, she felt Love Island was betraying her because she lacked a romantic connection, and she hoped more guys would enter the scene sooner.

The next day, Kaitlynn revealed to Moira and Mackenzie that Tre wasn't her type and she could picture him being more of a big brother to her. Kaitlynn then told Cely about how her partner, Tre, had made a move on her and kissed her.

Cely thanked Kaitlynn for telling her and wasn't mad at all. Cely was under the impression Tre was going to keep it real with her at all times, so she didn't seem worried.

Johnny then told Mackenzie that he was trying to choose between Cely and Kaitlynn, but he said Tre didn't have eyes for anyone but Cely and the guys were becoming friends.

Mackenzie warned Johnny, however, that Kaitlynn and Tre had kissed.

Johnny wanted to pick a girl who would be happy to be with him and really want to explore a connection, so he knew he had a big decision to make.

Kaitlynn told Johnny that she was interested in a romance with him and thought they had potential because she discovered that she and Carrington only had a friendship.

Tre and Cely then headed to the "kissing nook," and he told her that she was his choice because she's beautiful both on the outside and inside. Tre wanted to know where Cely stood, but she wasn't sure.

"Obviously I would like to stay paired with Cely, but if that's what's not destined to be, then that's just something I'll have to accept," Tre told the cameras.

Cely apparently had to choose between Tre, who was direct with her and kissed her, and Johnny, who was more reserved and let Cely know he'd want to focus on her rather than other potential daters down the road.

Johnny let Cely take the lead in their relationship, and she gushed about how she was "in trouble." Cely noticed that Johnny was "a whole lot of man."

The guys were worried about whom Johnny was going to pick, and Tre could sense Johnny was going to try to steal Cely from her. Tre acknowledged Johnny was in the best position in the house and so he'd probably have to keep his options open and "play the waiting game."

"If Johnny does end up picking me, I feel like the connection I have with Tre isn't just going to vanish, it's still going to be there. So I feel like things will get pretty crazy," Cely said in a confessional.

Justine and Jeremiah then talked about how they were vibing well and maybe had potential for a real relationship. They clearly had chemistry, and so the pair decided to take things slow but at least take each other out of the friendzone.

Connor told Mackenzie that he liked her a lot, but Mackenzie pointed out how she always seemed to be the one to approach him. Connor admitted he's more of the "come-to-me" type at first but that changes the more he gets to know someone, and he promised to make more of an effort going.

Suddenly, Johnny received a text on his phone. The time had come for Johnny to reveal the woman whom he'd like to couple up with, and so it was "Decision Time" and everyone gathered around the fire pit.

Johnny had his pick of the litter and announced his choice at the fire pit in front of everyone.

"Even though we didn't get too much time to talk, in the two conversations we had, I found out that we have a lot in common... Your laugh is infectious and I want the conversation to keep going... and get to know each other deeper. She's beautiful," Tre announced.

"The girl I would like to couple up with is Cely."

Johnny told Tre it was "all love," and Tre admitted he "would've done the same thing." Johnny responded with, "I know you would have, which is why I have no remorse."

Tre then received a text that read, "Tre, you are now single. Later this week, all Islanders will take part in a recoupling. The Islander not picked is at risk of being dumped from the island. #LevelUp #WhatYouWaitingFor."

Cely gushed about how she was "a smitten kitten" with Johnny. While Cely shared with Johnny how she had depth with Tre, she acknowledged their relationship started off with a friendship foundation.

Johnny then went in for a kiss and Cely called the moment "unreal." She definitely felt butterflies and was really excited about Johnny.

The episode concluded with Jeremiah receiving a text. He was told to go on a date with Rachel, who was waiting for him in a secret jacuzzi.

In addition, Carrington received a text, asking him to put his swim trunks on because he'd be going on a date with Kierstan in the secret jacuzzi as well.

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