Love After Lockup featured Brittany reigniting the spark with her ex, Amanda, and Sarah and Michael having a blowout argument once he returned home from his time with Megan during Friday night's Season 2 broadcast on WE tv.

Love After Lockup's second season follows couples who met and fell in love online while one of them was behind bars.


After the convicts are released from prison and unite with their significant others for the first time outside of supervised visits, the couples try to navigate the real world together.

At this point in the season, couples are looking to marry, move in together, or just get through life one day at a time in attempt to leave each convict's addiction or struggle in the past.

The latest episode starred Scott, a 51-year-old truck driver, and Lizzie from Oxnard, CA; Clint, a 37-year-old hotel desk clerk, and Tracie from Hobbs, NM; Marcelino, a 40-year-old writer, and Brittany from Las Vegas, NV; Caitlin, a 32-year-old administrative assistant, and Matt from Auburn, WA; and Megan, a 28-year-old in home health care, and Michael from Fort Worth, TX -- with Michael's wife, Sarah, a 24-year-old student and waitress making for a dramatic love triangle.

Below is an update on each Love After Lockup couple, according to WE tv's Friday night episode:


Lizzie had been arrested for DUI and bribery and spent nine years behind bars.

Lizzie told her daughter Jazmyne about her engagement earlier that day at church, and Jazmyne was clearly upset.

Lizzie promised Jazmyne she loved Scott and appreciated how he was loyal and faithful to her, but Jazmyne reminded her mother she barely knew the guy.

"You're making a mistake," Jazmyne told her mom. "Your focus should be getting your sh-t together, like getting a car and a new place."

Jazmyne realized her daughter was right, but she wanted to get to know Scott better because he was caring and kind. Lizzie said she never had a man in her life who was okay with her being herself.

Jazmyne then gave her mother an ultimatum, saying she needed to choose between Scott or herself. Lizzie didn't want to give the engagement ring back because she thought Scott deserved a real chance and didn't want to crush him.
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Scott was later shown buying Lizzie a car because "she's worth it." He had promised to get her set up, but Scott's son Adam was frustrated his dad was spending all of his savings and taking out loans to pay for these things.

"I hope when she finds out I have nothing left, she's still there. I have so many bills because of this woman. I'm scared to tell her I can't afford her, but I will do whatever needs to be done to make this work," Scott told the cameras.



Tracie served eight years in prison for fraudulent checks and probation violation.

It had been eight days since their wedding and Tracie was still missing in action. It hurt Clint to know his wife had left him to satisfy her addiction, but he had heard she was arrested and in jail again.

"I need to find her because I love her and I know this will work out in the end," Clint told the cameras.

Clint then discovered Tracie had already been released from jail but never called him or touched base.

"She wants the drug more than anything," Clint said, adding that Tracie was the one who had suggested they get married to begin with.

Clint spent all of his money on Tracie and had nothing left, so he considered filing for divorce in order to prevent the situation from getting any worse.

Clint received advice to let his wife go because she didn't value or prioritize him over her addiction.


Brittany served two years in prison for conspiracy to commit burglary.

Five weeks out of prison, Brittany had planned a meeting for Marcelino and her ex, Amanda, who was still her good friend.

Brittany wanted Marcelino to know she had done nothing wrong and she was perfectly capable of maintaining a friendship with someone she had been intimate with.

Amanda thought she was meeting Brittany alone to talk about their former romance, so she was disappointed to see Marcelino arrive. Brittany, however, didn't think Amanda would show up to the meeting if she had known Marcelino was coming.

Marcelino said his relationship with Brittany would be over if he found out his girlfriend was stepping out behind his back with Amanda.

"Now that she's out [of prison], she's mine. You ultimately can't offer what I have... You have some lingering feelings but she doesn't. I'm not going to let her go," Marcelino told Amanda.

Amanda, however, argued that Brittany "loves women" and Marcelino couldn't offer what she brought to the table.

Brittany loved Marcelino, but the fact she's bisexual wasn't going to change and she was attracted to Amanda as well.

Marcelino realized Brittany couldn't suppress her feelings for the opposite sex, and so he gave her permission to explore the physical side of things with Amanda as long as there were borders.

Brittany then made out with Amanda right in front of Marcelino. She asked Amanda to have sex with her, but Amanda rejected the idea because Brittany always got her way and she didn't want to be involved in a love triangle.

Brittany thought it would be fun to have a threesome, but Marcelino said he wasn't ready to accept another woman into the bedroom.



Matt spent two years in jail for possession of firearms and stolen property.

Caitlin was searching for a new place now that she had a new job at an accounting firm and money was coming in. She hoped this would motivate Matt to go out and get a job for himself.

Matt noted Caitlin had too many expectations of him given he was released from prison just three weeks earlier. He felt "overwhelmed," saying he wasn't used to being responsible and he'd rather just live at his mother's house for a while.

Matt said the apartment was sprung on him last minute, and Caitlin didn't appreciate how he was speaking to her and treating her.

"I do feel like maybe Matt is afraid of commitment and responsibility because he's maybe selling himself short. He's not sure if he can actually fill the shoes, so he's just not going to put it on. I wish he'd give himself a little more credit," Caitlin said in a confessional.

Caitlin was upset Matt showed up to their real estate meeting like "a f-cking zombie." She found his behavior "childish" and unacceptable, and she wanted him to get serious about finding a place of their own.

Caitlin, however, still wanted to spend the rest of her life with Matt, and so she went shopping for a wedding dress with one of her girlfriends.


Michael served two years in prison for parole violation.

Michael had to leave Megan because he received a text message from Sarah saying he needed to meet his parole officer because he had stayed out past curfew.

Megan cried at the hotel room because it was hard for Michael to leave her after she had just lost her virginity to him. She also felt a little bit guilty for keeping Michael out too late.

Meanwhile, Sarah hadn't heard from her husband in two days, ever since they got into a fight in a parking lot. Sarah didn't know where Michael was and she was very concerned.

"I'm still debating on whether I should talk to Sarah and just let her know this is not going to work. I got a girl and I love her," Michael told the cameras.

When he got home, Sarah yelled at Michael for not checking in on his child and just disappearing. Sarah needed to tell Michael she was pregnant, but she wanted the news to be delivered in a happy moment and not a stressful one.

Michael felt he was being pulled in multiple directions because he was trying to have a good relationship with his daughter as well as his girlfriend.

After getting into a fight, Michael left Sarah once again, and she was crying and devastated. Sarah needed her husband to do his part in their marriage, and she called him out for being disrespectful and indifferent.

"You bailed on me as a mom and you don't care!" Sarah yelled. "For three years, I took care of you and held you down for real. I am a great woman and I am beautiful... and you didn't have the decency or respect to show up."

Sarah felt Michael was treating her like a joke because she could tell he didn't care.

Sarah cried to her friend, but then Michael gave her a hug and comforted her and said, "I love you." Sarah's friend acknowledged Michael knew how to "work her" and she couldn't support it.

After making up, Sarah and Michael apparently had sex in the shower and then they took their daughter to the park on Father's Day. Michael didn't know what was going to happen between himself and the two women in his life.

Meanwhile, Megan was still waiting for a proper marriage proposal from Michael and she didn't understand why he had "ghosted" her after their amazing night together.
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