Despite his numerous claims to the contrary, Spencer Pratt was apparently the one responsible for spreading a rumor that Lauren Conrad had previously made a sex tape with ex-beau Jason Wahler.

"We have it on tape that [Pratt] takes responsibility for it," said Conrad at a Tuesday night The Hills panel at The Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills, CA, E! News reported.

The alleged sex tape has been a point of contention between Conrad and Heidi Montag since their much publicized feud began in 2007 when Montag moved out of the apartment she had shared with Conrad to instead live with Pratt.

Shortly thereafter, Conrad alleged her ongoing tiff with Montag began when she and Pratt began spreading rumors about the alleged sex tape -- which she also insisted did not exist. 

The saga continued in October 2007, when a blog entry on Montag's personal website -- titled "The Truth" -- stated, "Me and Spencer did spread the false rumors about Lauren's sex tape."

However Montag quickly claimed the post was the result of a hacker.

"Just wanted everyone to know that my blog got hacked last night and the hacker(s) posted up FAKE blog post about me admitting to spreading the rumors about the LC sex tape," read the subsequent posting.

Rumors about the existence of a sex tape then went into hiding until last April, when Pratt appeared on both host Ryan Seacrest's KIIS-FM radio show and The Tyra Banks Show and insisted that a sex tape featuring Wahler and Conrad did exist at one point.

"I know for 100% fact that it did exist -- 1,000%.  I know for a fact, and I would take a lie-detector test because I know," said Pratt during his The Tyra Banks Show appearance. 

"I just wanted to address something here -- there were never rumors.  The bottom line is, I heard L.C. crying about this sex tape -- that Jason Wahler did have and was trying to sell -- so many times for six months, and Heidi trying to get it back with L.C..  But they never got it back.  So there's no rumors, bottom line.  Heidi never made something up.  Jason and L.C. had this, Jason was trying to sell it, Heidi tried to get it back with Lauren.  They blame Heidi once it goes public."

Wahler then responded by denying the existence of a sex tape.

"I do not have a sex tape of Lauren Conrad and one does not exist," said Wahler in a statement at the time.  "Spencer Pratt is lying again to get attention.  Lauren is my friend, and it is insulting to her to suggest this."
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Not surprisingly, Conrad also told attendees at last night's panel that since Pratt's taped admission will air at some point during The Hills' currently-airing fifth season.

"Sorry. Spoiler!" said Conrad, according to E! News.