Lauren Bushnell reportedly has some skeletons which she kept from The Bachelor star Ben Higgins in her closet.

Bushnell, a bubbly flight attendant and one of Higgins' Final 2 bachelorettes on the show, has a party-girl, clingy-girlfriend past that would make Higgins cringe, In Touch Weekly reported.
"Lauren isn't the girl Ben thinks she is," an insider told In Touch. "She's really been playing up the wholesome girl-next-door thing on the show, but Lauren has things in her past that she's not proud of, and she's keeping it from Ben."

According to a source close to Bushnell's ex-boyfriend of more than three years, Sean Evans, the soft-spoken blonde "loves to drink" and used to party heavily.

"When Lauren was with Sean, she would lay by the pool every day taking shots and downing mixed drinks. Then she'd continue to drink all night," the source explained.

In April 2015, Bushnell was arrested for public intoxication when attending the Stagecoach Country Music Festival with friends in Indio, CA. That same month, Bushnell and Evans broke up.

"It was embarrassing to be around her when she was drunk because she'd turn into a mess," the source said. "She'd have these drunken crying fits in public places -- she's way too emotional."

Bushnell left to film The Bachelor's twentieth season only five months after her split from Evans. Part of the reason things didn't work out was because Bushnell was reportedly "super needy" in her old relationship.

"If Sean tried to go out with his friends, she would call and text him nonstop until he got back home," the source close to Evans told In Touch. "[Ben will] be devastated when he finds out who the real Lauren is. His biggest fear in this whole process is to have someone break his trust."

The source added that Bushnell should've been open and honest with Higgins about her past from the start.