Lauren Bushnell is leaving her ex-fiance Ben Higgins in Denver and looking forward to her future.

The 27-year-old former flight attendant has revealed she's moving to California and pursuing a modeling and fashion career, People reported.

"I would love to start my own clothing line," Lauren told the magazine.

Lauren, who announced her split from Ben earlier this week after getting engaged on The Bachelor's 20th season in early 2016, is apparently dreaming big. But in the meantime, she's modeling clothes for a store she adores called Van De Vort in San Diego, CA.

Lauren has already shared images of herself wearing its new summer collection on Instagram.

"It's something new to me, and I really enjoy doing it," Lauren told People of her official modeling debut. "I feel so lucky to have these opportunities coming my way."

While she worked as a flight attendant before appearing on reality TV, Lauren suggested her move to California is not starting a new life but rather returning to her old one -- life before Ben, The Bachelor, and the couple's Freeform spinoff Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After?.

"I'm moving back to SoCal," said the blonde beauty. "That's where my life was before the show -- my friends, my siblings. I love the beach, the healthy lifestyle and the energy that Los Angeles has to offer. I'm definitely a SoCal girl at heart!"

Reports swirled before Lauren and Ben's breakup that she wasn't happy living in Denver, CO, with the software salesman.

Lauren once vented on the pair's Fall 2016 Happily Ever After? spinoff that she didn't have a desire to be Ben's "almost housewife," which took a shot at Ben for calling off their televised wedding once he became overwhelmed with the planning process and admitted to getting cold feet.

Lauren struggled to find a career that suited her while living in Denver, so her spinoff showed her starting a style blog called "Sparkle In Her Eye." However, she apparently didn't mention the blog -- which Lauren was only updating sporadically even when Happily Ever After? was airing -- during her interview with People.

Lauren's debut modeling shoot reportedly took place at La Quinta hotel in the Coachella Valley.
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"I have shopped at Van De Vort for awhile, even before my time on The Bachelor," Lauren said. "Their styles are on trend and easy to wear. Andrea, who is a fantastic stylist, and I became fast friends. She helps me put together pieces for brunch with friends or award shows and special appearances."

The typical top, skirt or pants in the Van De Vort collection sell for over $100 each. Her best friend and fellow The Bachelor alum, Amanda Stanton, is also modeling for the company. (Amanda and Josh Murray also ended their engagement in January 2017).

"I loved being able to shoot with my bestie, and the whole VDV team," Amanda told People. "The location was amazing, too!"

Store owner Andrea Van De Vort explained why she was interested in Lauren and Amanda as models to begin with.

"The girls have been longtime shoppers at Van De Vort and I have always loved their personalities and style," she said.

"In my opinion, they were both the best dressed on their season on The Bachelor when they were both vying for Ben's attention. It was natural for me to reach out to Lauren and Amanda for this shoot because they wear our clothes perfectly already. When Lauren and I became friends, and then Amanda and she became such good friends, it made sense to shoot them together since they were so on brand with Van De Vort."

So far, Lauren loves the modeling world, telling People, "I would love to get even better [at modeling] with some real training to continue doing fun lookbook shoots... It's hard to call it work when you're getting to dress up in cute clothes, get your hair and makeup done and get to go to fun locations with a group of inspiring women who are involved in the shoot."

But Lauren wouldn't go as far as to say she's a natural behind the camera -- and neither is Amanda apparently.

"Amanda and I both looked on YouTube for research on 'How to Pose in a Swimsuit,'" joked Lauren, who said she needed to build confidence in order to pose in a $220 one-piece. "Once we started shooting, Andrea really encouraged us to be confident in our own skin and I think that was key and shows in our photos."