James Adomian, Laurie Kilmartin and Maronzio Vance become the first three Top 10 finalists eliminated from Last Comic Standing's seventh season during Monday night's broadcast of the NBC stand-up comedian competition.

Adomian, Kilmartin and Vance were eliminated from Last Comic Standing based on home viewer votes that were cast following last Monday's Top 10 performance show.

Adomian was the first comedian eliminated during the broadcast, which featured Last Comic Standing host Craig Robinson revealing the eliminations during the course of performances from the seven advancing finalists.

"This has been a great experience. I know America didn't vote for me but I had fun, I met some great people.  I was the best and maybe it's time to give a little break to someone else," Adomian joked in a video clip aired after his ouster.  "America, next time don't look a gift horse in the mouth!"

Kilmartin was the second comedian eliminated.

"America apparently did not vote for me.  I'm a little depressed of course but I had a great time.  I respect all the comics who are in the Top 10 so I know we'll work together and be friends.  I wish the other finalists the best of luck," she said in a subsequent video clip.

"Take me on the road with you.  Get me out of my house!"

Vance was the final comedian eliminated from the broadcast.

"This competition changes your life, I'm just happy to have been a part of this.  Now I know that I'm funny," he said in a video clip after his elimination.

Next week, one of Last Comic Standing's seven remaining finalists -- Mike DeStefano, Felipe Esparza, Rachel Feinstein, Tommy Johnagin, Myq Kaplan, Jonathan Thymius, and Roy Wood Jr. -- will be eliminated based on home viewer votes that were cast following Monday night's broadcast.