Kristina Schulman's ouster from The Bachelor had some fans up in arms, but host Chris Harrison thinks Nick Viall made the right decision.

Before the Rose Ceremony in Bimini, Viall paid a visit to the villa where his remaining bachelorettes were staying. The surprise appearance caught everyone off-guard, but it was Schulman who seemed especially shaken once Viall asked her to speak privately outside.

"The end of this week was truly heartbreaking," Harrison wrote in his Yahoo! TV blog.

Viall felt the need to send the 24-year-old dental hygienist home because his connection with her wasn't as strong as some of his other relationships.

The Bachelor star dreaded letting Schulman go because he cared for her deeply as a person, not to mention she touched hearts all over the world when she shared her story about being adopted by a couple in the United States after living in a Russian orphanage for over seven years.

"It was only a short time ago that we all fell in love with Kristina," Harrison noted. "To see Nick say goodbye to her was shocking and devastating, but I also think it was for the best."

Schulman certainly wasn't happy about Viall's decision to eliminate her, and she made that known in Bimini. The brunette beauty told the Bachelor that he didn't give her a fair chance and had no idea what she can offer a man -- otherwise, he wouldn't have let her go.

"Sometimes you can have a really strong connection and love for someone without necessarily being in love with them," Harrison said, "and I think that's how Nick felt about this Russian beauty."

Viall has already surprised America with some of his choices -- including Schulman and Danielle Lombard's eliminations as well as the decision to keep Corinne Olympios in the running -- but Harrison teases that viewers have seen nothing yet.

"The shocks and heartbreaks keep coming, and next week is no exception," Harrison revealed.

On the upcoming February 20 episode, Viall will visit Vanessa Grimaldi, Rachel Lindsay, Raven Gates and Olympios' hometowns. He will therefore touch down in Canada, Texas, Arkansas and Florida, respectively, and meet these ladies' families.