Kristin Cavallari appears set on making sure The Hills viewers understand that the alleged reality series isn't real despite MTV and her fellow cast members' insistences.

"I pretty much do anything they have me do because I don't care.  I mean, we're filming a TV show. Let's make it interesting. Let's have a good time with it," Cavallari told The Los Angeles Times in a Monday report.

"Everyone is trying to get story lines and create drama in their lives. It's just so... fake. There's no truth to it. At all."

New The Hills fifth-season episodes began airing last night without Lauren Conrad, who announced earlier this year that she was leaving the show to focus on other endeavors. 

Cavallari subsequently confirmed that she was joining the The Hill's cast after previously appearing as Conrad's nemesis on Laguna Beach.  While she told The Times that Laguna Beach was a more real experience than it's subsequent spinoff, she still took issue with the way she was portrayed as Conrad's enemy.

"I almost felt like it was unfair for [MTV] to come into our lives at such a young age and sort of mess with things," she told The Times about Laguna Beach. "I don't regret it, but I was 17 -- of course I wanted to be on TV. I felt like they should have been a little bit more careful with us."

Cavallari has now accused producers of continuing to concoct storylines for her, stating that she arrives at pre-selected locations for episodes that film between Wednesday and Friday each week.

"They tell us what to talk about," she told The Times. "Listen, I have fun with it. They film Curb Your Enthusiasm the same way."

Cavallari also reiterated her previous claims that she treats The Hills as a job.

"What else would I see it as? Hanging out with my friends? That's not it. It's a job. It's pretty easy," she told The Times.

"The thing is, if this was a reality show about my life, they would follow me going to auditions and studying with acting coaches, but they didn't want to show that because it's not glamorous.  They make it seem like we have perfect lives and like we have all this money."

According to The Times, Cavallari laughed throughout her interview and was asked what she thought was so funny.
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"Because I don't think I'm supposed to be saying this," she reportedly replied.

While both Conrad and Audrina Patridge have previously claimed that The Hills is unscripted, however there's been an almost overwhelming amount of evidence in the past to suggest otherwise.

The Hills creator and former MTV executive Adam DiVello -- who has previously refuted rumors that the show is scripted and instead acknowledged some scenes are "a little fake" to put them in context -- told The Times that viewers watch the show to see a story be told and aren't as "concerned about exactly what's happening in these kids' lives and how accurate it is."

"This is a sliver of Kristin's life and it's not every person she knows in her life. She has an idea of where we're going with the show," he told The Times. "I think she's walking through and knows this is all going to be a drama."

While Heidi Montag has previously claimed that The Hills is not an accurate portrayal of her life, her husband (and established unabashed liar) Spencer Pratt told The Times otherwise.

"The Hills could not be more real, that's what I keep laughing at," Pratt told The Times. "It's a dream role for these girls to get so out of hand and so out of line on TV and then when the tabloids ask them what's going on they say, 'I'm just filling out the story line.'  That's an easy way out."

Cavallari added that the debate can continue about The Hills' authenticity, however she doesn't think many people still buy that it's actual reality.

"Maybe people in Kansas. In Middle America they think it's real," she told The Times.  "Living in L.A., it's hard to tell what people really do believe."