NBC has announced that The Biggest Loser will have a new trainer this fall, with Kim Lyons replacing Jillian Michaels on the upcoming third edition of the reality weight loss competition show.

Lyons, a fitness competitor, trainer and nutritionist who holds a degree in human development and nutrition, will replace Michaels as The Biggest Loser's Red Team trainer. "We are thrilled to have Kim join The Biggest Loser team. We believe that her expertise in fitness and nutrition is synonymous with what The Biggest Loser is all about," Ben Silverman, the show's executive producer, stated in NBC's announcement that Lyons will replace Michaels.

According the show's NBC spokesperson, Michaels "has decided to leave the show to pursue other opportunities. The network wishes her "continued success in all her future endeavors." In addition to her own line of fitness videos, Michaels is also working on a fitness and weight loss book.

Interestingly, while Michaels has purportedly decided she isn't interested in continuing with NBC's edition of the show, she is reportedly still expressing interest in participating in The Biggest Loser's Australian version.

Earlier this month, The Sydney Morning Herald reported that although "a whisper out of the US" had informed the Australian newspaper that Michaels would not return for the NBC version's third edition, Network Ten, the Australian network that broadcast a recently concluded Australian The Biggest Loser adaptation on which Michaels and fellow Blue Team trainer Bob Harper starred, told the paper that it still expected Michaels and Harper to both return for a possible second Australian edition. "They are an integral part of the show and we are in discussions with them to return, should we proceed with a second series," a Network Ten spokeswoman told the Herald.

Lyons, a 1995 Colorado State University graduate who has worked in the fitness industry for more than a decade, has competed in numerous national and international fitness competitions and appeared on more than 30 fitness magazine covers worldwide. According to NBC, she "strives to find a way to make fitness fun and achievable for her clients."