Khloe Kardashian has owned up to the fact her nipples were showing through her sheer purple blouse while hosting Wednesday night's The X Factor live show but insisted it was completely unintentional.

"I think I had a little nip action earlier LOL" Kardashian, the new The X Factor co-host, tweeted after the show.

"Top was fully lined. fine when we tested it. Guess the show lighting was brighter then we thought..." she subsequently added. "I can't believe that happened. During commercial we were able to fix it! LOL band aids! LOL."

Kardashian also took to Twitter laughing about how she had no idea her nipples were showing through her top until the lights turned on and responding to critics saying that the wardrobe malfunction "obviously wasn't on purpose."

When a braless Kardashian walked on The X Factor stage with fellow co-host Mario Lopez Wednesday night, Cowell gestured to his own chest and immediately pointed out what viewers could clearly see.

"May I say, Khloe, you're looking very sexy -- I think the air conditioning is on high tonight," Cowell joked.

After Thursday night's results show, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians and Khloe & Lamar star wasn't shy to elaborate on the details of her nipple incident.

"I kind of looked," The X Factor host told reporters, according to Entertainment Weekly. "From my angle I thought maybe it was nipple-y, but from what I heard, it was entire areolas. That was what the production told me in my ear. They were like, 'Your areolas are out.'"

Kardashian explained that due to Hurricane Sandy on the East Coast, the ensemble she had originally planned to wear for the live performance show didn't get shipped to her in Los Angeles in time. Therefore, she reportedly didn't get to wear the sheer outfit during rehearsals to figure out ahead of time that it probably wasn't appropriate. 

"I thought it was hilarious," Cowell told reporters, adding that he didn't feel bad for Kardashian. "Your first live show, you don't wear a bra, and the studio's freezing, of course."

According to EW, Kardashian said her husband Lamar Odom couldn't watch Wednesday night's show until Thursday because he had a Los Angeles Clippers game, but he ended up giving her some simple advice prior to last night's results show.

"He texts me, 'Um... make sure you're not showing your nipples tonight,'" Kardashian added.