Former "19 Kids and Counting" star Michelle Duggar says she and her family celebrated Thanksgiving with a little getaway.

"Thanksgiving is such a wonderful holiday. It's a beautiful day spent with family, food we love and most of all it is a poignant reminder of the many blessings our lives enjoy, for which we should be thankful. This year for Thanksgiving, we spent a few days together with our family in a cabin in the beautiful Ozark Mountains. We've laughed together, cooked together, sang together, told fun family stories, played with kids and bounced babies. It's been a wonderful family time," Michelle Duggar wrote in a Facebook post.

"As I look around the room, I am so deeply touched by God's love, His forgiveness, His kindness, His provision, His mercies and His tenderness toward each of us. God's willingness to redeem us through Christ, in spite of all our failures and imperfections, is so humbling and fills my heart with tremendous gratitude. Today, I am thankful for family, sweet friends and most of all God's love. I pray that your day is full of family, fun and games, delicious food, long enjoyed traditions and a heart and home filled with God's love."

Among those who attended the family fete were Josh Duggar, his wife Anna Duggar, and his sisters Jessa Duggar and Jill Duggar, People magazine noted.

Josh and Anna avoided the spotlight for most of 2016 after Josh spent months in a faith-based rehab, following a pair of scandals, which racked the devoutly Christian family.

The Duggars' reality TV show was canceled when it became public that Josh had years earlier sexually abused two of his younger sisters when he was a teenager.

He also later admitted he cheated on his wife.