Viewers will reportedly be spared any commercials starring Jon Gosselin during the Super Bowl.

The former Jon & Kate Plus 8 star's lawyer claims two different Super Bowls commercials that would have starred Gosselin have been haulted due to TLC, E! News reported Wednesday.

"Two different entities sought to solicit his services [for Super Bowl ad spots], but in my view, they were scared of TLC," attorney Mark Heller told E! News.

"In my view, it was a mean-spirited act on [TLC's] part."

A TLC representative declined comment when contacted by E! News.

TLC filed a breach of contract lawsuit against Gosselin in October and has accused him of following through on a threat to end Jon & Kate Plus 8 by suddenly claiming it was "detrimental" to his children after the network refused to release him from an exclusivity contract clause that was preventing him from earning "substantial" money by appearing on other television shows. 

According to TLC, Gosselin has been committing "numerous breaches" of the exclusivity clause and violating several other provisions of the Jon & Kate Plus 8 contract the family had most recently signed with the network in April 2008.

Heller subsequently characterized TLC's lawsuit as "weak, feeble and baseless" and Gosselin filed a $5 million counterclaim lawsuit that claims the exclusivity clause hindered his ability to make money by preventing him from working with other media outlets.

Heller told E! News that a preliminary hearing on the two lawsuits will be held on December 10 and address the matter of whether Gosselin's contract should be made public and if TLC can legally prevent him from future jobs in television.

"They do not want the public to look at that document and have access to it because I trust they're embarrassed and ashamed of how they took advantage of this family," Heller told E! News.

The lawsuits will go to trial on April 19, according to E! News.