Jon and Kate Gosselin could have cause for celebration this holiday season.

The Jon & Kate Plus 8 stars attended a day-long divorce arbitration hearing on Saturday and Jon's lawyer Mark Heller subsequently told People that "it's possible" their divorce could be finalized by the end of the year.

Heller described the hearing as "successful and productive," according to People, which added the arbitrator at the hearing -- who is expected to rule in a month -- canceled a second Monday session because things went so well on Saturday.

"It was a positive move in the right direction for us to bring them together to the mediation table," Heller told People, adding both Jon and Kate were in the same room for the hearing.

"Obviously before two warring parties can smoke the peace pipe, they have to sit down at a table and address the issues that brought them to the skirmish."

Heller said the couple discussed issues ranging from custody and child support to distribution of assets and added Jon was "very relieved" that things went well.

"There were a couple of very emotional moments," Heller told People. "But in the end it all came together and concluded on a happy note."

Jon arrived at the hearing with a bouquet of long-stemmed roses for Kate, People reported, but she declined to accept them.

"This has been called the real-life War of the Roses," Heller told People, referring to the 1989 film. "And he brought that as a peace offering to break the ice and try to bring the war to an end."

While Heller saw it as a "peace offering," a source subsequently claimed Kate saw it as something different -- hence the refusal to accept them.

"In what should have been their most serious moment as a couple, Jon again resorted to a publicity stunt," the source told People.

Jon and Kate filed for divorce in June -- on the same day they publicly announced their separation during a Jon & Kate Plus 8 broadcast.