Jon and Kate Gosselin have both expressed anger over new allegations in which former nanny Stephanie Santoro is claiming Jon would "brag" to her about how he had "hacked" into Kate's emails, phone records and online banking and planned to "use it against her."

"I spoke with him today concerning this statement made by Stephanie and he unequivocally told me that he's never illegally invaded Kate's electronic privacy in any way," Jon's attorney Mark Heller told People Thursday.

Kate's lawyers  also released a statement obtained by E! News that expressed her dismay with Santoro's allegations.

"Kate Gosselin has heard the allegations made by Stephanie Santoro that Jon Gosselin 'hacked' into her emails, phone, and online accounts, and she is profoundly disturbed by them," reads the statement.

"Under the circumstances, Ms. Gosselin is carefully considering all of her legal options regarding this matter, and she will pursue them if and when the time is right."

Heller said not only is Jon denying Santoro's allegations, but he's also upset Kate would believe it.

"He also finds it a little disappointing that Kate would give credence to an uncorroborated statement made by an individual who clearly has a motivation to tell stories about Jon that might result in financial [compensation]," Heller told People.

The 23-year-old single mom who previously worked as a waitress at a local bar Jon frequented and also worked as a nanny for the Gosselin's eight kids made the allegations during an interview posted on Radar Online on Thursday.

"Jon told me that he pretty much hacked into everything of Kate's that he had access to, her online banking, that he had a trace on every single one of her emails so anytime she would get an email he would get a copy of it. He knew exactly what she was sending and what was being sent to her," Santoro told Radar Online.

"He also had that on her phone as well for her text messages. So anytime she would ever talk to anybody he would know who she was talking to, what they were saying and what was going on."

Santoro added that Jon told her he had "hacked" into "pretty much anything you can do online or anything that can be traced online" and had a plan for what to do with the information he collected.

"He did say that Kate was hiding money from him and that she would talk to people about stuff and then he would confront her about it but he had to watch how he did it because he didn't want her to know that he had everything hacked into," she told Radar Online, adding Jon "would never go completely into detail" about the information.
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"But he said that he had enough there that when the ball dropped, he had enough to completely screw her over with everything -- that he would go at her to the fullest."

Santoro said Jon's decision to hack into Kate's personal information gained more truth when she left a message for Kate expressing a desire to meet with her to continue working as a nanny for the family. 

However before Kate responded, Santoro claims Jon confronted her about it "within minutes."

"I personally sent a message to her one day and before I knew she even got it, he called me and freaked out about it -- saying that I'm just going to make his marriage even worse and I'm going to make his divorce even harder and that I shouldn't have done what I did," Santoro told Radar Online.

In addition, she believes Kate "has no idea" what Jon was up to.

"If somebody knew, it would be out there already and they would put an end to it.  It's illegal," Santoro told Radar Online, which subsequently asked if Jon knew what he was doing could get him in trouble.

"I don't think he's oblivious to it. I definitely think he knows what he's doing, but he doesn't think that anyone would tell."

The reason why Jon was apparently so sure nobody would tell is because he would threaten them, according to Santoro.

"Jon threatens everyone that he tells, that if they open their mouth he's going to sue. He thinks he's got power over everything and everybody," she told Radar Online.

"Anytime I would ever mention saying anything he would always say, 'If you talk, I'm going to sue you.'"

While Santoro added Jon has yet to sue, she has received messages from his lawyers.

"His attorney has called and left some very hilarious voicemails on my phone," she told Radar Online.  "But that's all it's been."

Since it seems kind of strange that Jon would tell anyone what he was doing, Radar Online asked Santoro why he would divulge the potentially incriminating information.

"I guess it's just the fact that we trusted each other," she said.

Last month, Santoro alleged she had an affair with the Jon & Kate Plus 8 star during the month she served as a part-time nanny for his eight kids -- claiming they slept together "nine times."  Jon has denied having an affair with Santoro, who no longer works for the family.

Santoro said after Jon told her about how he had hacked into Kate's personal information, she began to wonder if he was doing it to the other women in his life -- including herself.

"The first thing that crossed through my mind was, 'Okay, if he did it to her, is he doing it to me?  Did he do it to Kate Major? Is he doing it to [girlfriend Hailey Glassman]?'" she told Radar Online.

"Because if he's that smart to do it to one person and he's that insecure about one person and what they could be saying, he'd probably due it to every single one of them to have control over the situation."