Johnny Knoxville apparently learned an airport is not a good place to bring a grenade -- even if the explosive is a fake.

The Los Angeles City Attorney's office plans to file a criminal complaint against the former Jackass star after Los Angeles International Airport screeners found a grenade in his luggage early Thursday morning, E! News reported.

"As he was being screened, security noticed an image of a hand grenade in his carry-on," Los Angeles International Airport Police Sgt. Jim Holcomb told E! News. "Airport police and the bomb squad were called, and it was determined there were no explosives or firing pin."

The grenade was subsequently found to be fake, according to E! News, which added Knoxville remained cooperative during the incident and was ultimately released and allowed to board his 7AM flight to Miami.

"He told police it was a prop from a photo shoot and he completely forgot it was in his bag," Holcomb told E! News.

Knoxville subsequently characterized the incident as a "mistake" on his personal blog.

"A few days ago, I was filming some commercials for this show we are doing for MTV called Nitro Circus, so I took a bunch of silly props in my carry-on bag to the shoot," Knoxville wrote on his blog.

"Well, when the shoot was over, the wardrobe girl packed my luggage so I could go home and, unbeknownst to me, she packed a FAKE hand grenade (a prop grenade that I'd taken to the shoot) in the front zipper of my luggage. Needless to say, when I was packing to go out of town this morning with my girlfriend and daughter, I didn't see the FAKE grenade in my luggage."

Knoxville said he was "bummed" when he realized what had occurred and harbored no ill will towards the officers for doing their job.

"They were cool as they could be to me, considering the situation, and it is no ones fault but my own," wrote Knoxville. "I should have checked my goddamn luggage through and through, but I didn't and now we have this incident."

Despite the potential seriousness of the incident, Knoxville was still able to make light of the situation once it was over.

"When I saw the bomb-sniffing dog, I thought, 'Oh shit, I hope I didn't bring any of my films in my backpack!'" he wrote.