Apparently the new Spike TV has been satisfied with the ratings performance of The Joe Schmo Show, because in an interview with the New York Daily News, representatives of the show's Stone-Stanley production company are saying that "talks are underway" with the network about a second season of the show.

The Joe Schmo Show, a "reality show that's not real," is based around a Big Brother-like fake reality show named the Lap Of Luxury where only one contestant is real and the rest of the "contestants" are paid actors following a pre-determined script outline.

According to series co-creator Rhett Reese, the producers "set out to do for reality TV what 'Spinal Tap' did for music." "Reality TV was a bit stale," added Reese's collaborator Paul Wernick. "You had the same sort of eviction scenes in every show. We really thought this was ripe for parody."

But now that the show's secret is out, if Spike TV does opt to greenlight The Joe Schmo Show for a second season, aren't the producers worried about having to overcome an "everyone already knows" scenario similar to the one that FOX faced when determining how to pull off a second Joe Millionaire series? "We will find another Joe Schmo" Wernick stated confidently. And we're sure they will... and we're also sure the fact that Joe Schmo has been airing to a cable audience that's less than 10% of the size of Joe Millioniare's broadcast television audience will be a significant help.