Jessica "Figgy" Figueroa claims that in her showmance with Survivor's Taylor Stocker, there was only "one thinker" -- and it definitely wasn't him.

Figgy told Reality TV World in an exclusive interview on Thursday that, before her vote-off from Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X, she was "running Taylor."

"I was strategizing... [I had] Taylor on a little leash and I was just dragging him around. [The castaways] know that about me," Figgy insisted.

"I kind of love saying this: I was Boston Rob and Taylor was Amber," Figgy added, referring to Survivor mastermind Rob "Boston Rob" Mariano's power-couple gameplay with his now-wife Amber Brkich on Survivor: All-Stars, which aired in 2004.

"Maybe we weren't as strong of a power couple as them by any means, I'm not saying that, but I'm saying that I called the shots. I was the thinker, the strategist, the doer," Figgy bragged.

Figgy said her Takali tribe voted her out on Wednesday night's episode instead of Taylor because she's "100 percent" the bigger threat.

"Taylor, all I would say to him was, 'Go bat your blue eyes and go hang out with [Jessica Lewis].' And he would go do it!" Figgy said of the 24-year-old snowboarding instructor from Postfalls, ID.

"He would go and flip his hair, eat coconuts, make a f-cking surfboard out of bamboo or something and go ride it down a hill. Like that is what Taylor did. I was the strategist and I was the thinker."

Figgy, a 23-year-old bartender from Nashville, TN, revealed what she believes her tribe was thinking when choosing whether to take out herself or Taylor first.

"[They probably contemplated], 'Why keep somebody that you know is playing the game, even though she still has this little budding romance? Why keep her in here when she has somebody 100 percent? She's also actually thinking and playing this game... or keep the person who is stupid and I can obviously boss around because Figgy's doing it, so obviously [Taylor] is going to listen to me.'"

Figgy therefore said her Takali tribe decided to get rid of her, which was "probably for everybody's best interest at that point in the game."

To back up Figgy's argument that she was the strategist in her showmance, she explained that Taylor would have given up the money for her when she'd be willing to throw him under the bus to advance herself further into the game. (Although she admits such a betrayal would've "killed" her).

"If it came down to it, like people were like, 'It's either you or Figgy,' Taylor would be like, 'You can write my name down.' That's the person Taylor is. He'll say time and time again that he was not there for the million dollars!" Figgy said.
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"In an interview he said, 'A million dollars will give you 10 years of fun but when you have a partner like Figs, that's a lifetime of happiness, and that's a million dollars right there.' Somebody that says that in a game of a million dollars can go and I will find you. We'll find our way back to each other; We'll be Jack and Rose from Titanic and I'll f-cking find ya."

Figgy reiterated how Taylor would be fine with her writing his name down at Tribal Council if necessary.

"That's the type of person Taylor is... He would never write my name down and he would write his name down. He would write his own name down before writing my name down," she revealed.

Figgy did confess, however, her romance with Taylor is ultimately what cost her the game of Survivor.

"I definitely think that for sure," Figgy admitted to Reality TV World.

Had Figgy and Taylor cooled it a little bit in the romance department, the swing vote -- Adam Klein, who was the only other millennial player on the new Takali tribe -- might have felt more comfortable to work with the couple going forward. Figgy and Taylor unintentionally made it very clear that Klein would always be No. 3 in their alliance.

"I think if Taylor and I had been more quiet about things or anything like that, if we just would've been a tight alliance, I think Adam would have retrusted us, possibly," Figgy explained.

"I just think I picked the wrong person to align up with in the whole situation, for that matter. But I think Adam was just making a power move."
About The Author: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski
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