Four years after "Romber" found each other on Survivor: All-StarsSurvivor has apparently made another successful returning castaway love match.

Viewers are seeing a real romantic relationship blossom between Survivor: Micronesia -- Fans vs. Favorites castaways Ozzy Lusth and Amanda Kimmel, said host Jeff Probst in TV Guide's March 17 issue.

"Ozzy fell in love right away, and Amanda is falling in love as it goes," Probst told TV Guide

Both Ozzy and Amanda have expressed feelings for each other and also been shown kissing and canoodling during previous Survivor: Micronesia broadcasts, so Probst's comments shouldn't come as a total surprise. 

He added the two share a "really sexy shower scene" after winning a Reward Challenge during Survivor: Micronesia's March 19 broadcast. 

In addition, Lusth and Kimmel -- who both currently call Los Angeles home -- have "remained an item" since filming for Survivor's sixteenth season concluded in December, TV Guide reported.

While Lusth and Kimmel's romantic interest in one another is apparently real, Probst couldn't say the same for their fellow Survivor: Micronesia castaways Parvati Shallow and James Clement.

"[Their flirtation is] equal opportunity," Probst told TV Guide.  "Parvati's playing James, and I'm not sure James cares one way or the other.  He's getting what he wants and she's getting what she needs -- to get further in the game."

Regardless of whether it's amore or strategy, Probst cautioned open flirting isn't the best way to further yourself in the game.

"I don't think it's in their best interests," he told TV Guide.  "It can make them vulnerable."

Romance worked both in real life and in the game for former Survivor: All-Stars castaways Rob Mariano and Amber Brkich.

"Romber" first met during the late 2003 filming of Survivor: All-Stars and Mariano publicly proposed to Brkich just before it was revealed she had won the show's $1 million grand prize during its May 2004 live finale broadcast.  They wed in April 2005 during a ceremony that served as the basis of a May 2005 CBS reality special.