Jason Siska is living proof that those who don't learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.

Only a few days after the Tribal Council that saw Ozzy Lusth fail to play his Hidden Immunity Idol and get blindsided, the same thing happened to the 23-year-old gymnastics coach from Fox River Grove, IL, who became the thirteenth castaway eliminated from Survivor: Micronesia -- Fans vs. Favorites during last night's broadcast of the long-running CBS reality show's sixteenth season.

"I was definitely played today by [Natalie Bolton] and the rest of the girls," said Jason after his ouster.  "They did the same thing in voting out Ozzy. I should have been a little more wary of what they were telling me. What they did tonight will definitely come back to haunt them as I'm sitting up there on the jury. I just wish I would have been a little smarter and played the Hidden Immunity Idol when I had the chance."

Survivor: Micronesia's eleventh episode began at the Dabu tribe's camp the morning after Ozzy's ouster.  Erik Reichenbach, who was unaware of Ozzy's blindside until it happened, said he understood why it occurred.  However Erik added he was "obligated" to watch Ozzy's back, so it was a good thing they didn't tell him about the blindside. 

Meanwhile former Survivor: China castaways Amanda Kimmel and James Clement discussed former Survivor: Cook Islands castaway Parvati Shallow and former Survivor: Panama castaway Cirie Fields turning on their alliance to boot Ozzy.

"It's a good move by everybody," James told Amanda.

"I am very upset about what happened last night," said Amanda -- Ozzy's current girlfriend -- in a confessional.  "What nerve for Cirie and Parvati to go behind my back and vote out Ozzy -- making me look like an idiot and the rest of my alliance looking like idiots because we voted for Jason."

In addition, Amanda realized Ozzy's blindside meant Parvati, Cirie, Alexis Jones and Natalie could officially be considered an alliance.

"I think they want the men out of here," said Amanda.  "It told me they're here to play this game.  Game on. Bring it on, like, let's do this."

As the castaways hung around the campfire, Cirie asked James about a cut on his finger, which he said was "kind of swollen, kind on infected."  While Parvati understood she mad her bed by blindsiding Ozzy and now had to lay in it, she also said it was time for her to do some "serious damage control."

"I knew as soon as I made this move, things were going to get crazy," she said.

She cozied up to James first, and he asked a simple question.
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"Where are you going with this?" he wondered.

Parvati said she knew she couldn't win against Ozzy and would have been a "fool" to pass on the chance to blindside him.  She then admitted that she planned to take all girls to the Final 3 and apologized.

"Sorry's not what you mean," answered James.  "Ha ha's what you mean."

James added it was definitely going to be "awkward" between the two of them now and warned Parvati against feeding him a "bunch of bull."

"Why does one always got to eat the apple!  You can't just leave the apple alone and enjoy the efforts.  You are definitely an apple chewer," said James to Parvati, a reference he first made on China before being blindsided with two Hidden Immunity Idols in his possession.  He added Parvati isn't stupid, but "selfish."

Since Parvati basically told James that he was no longer a part of her plan, she then moved onto Amanda -- who asked the same question as James and wondered what the plan was.

"It's definitely the girls together, right?" asked Amanda.

"I'm thinking Final 5 girls," replied Parvati.

While Amanda told Parvati she liked that answer, she fully understood that Parvati was "running the show" and had Cirie, Alexis and Natalie "wrapped around her finger."  Cirie subsequently joined Parvati and Amanda.

"We totally trust you," Cirie told Amanda.

"So is it still us three to the end?" wondered Amanda.

"I say yeah," replied Parvati.

"I don't see why not," added Cirie.

Amanda said while she'd "like to believe them," she didn't.

"It would be stupid of me to buy what they're telling me right now," she said.  "This is where the game gets interesting."

The eight remaining castaways then gathered for Survivor: Micronesia's Reward Challenge auction.  Host Jeff Probst explained each castaway would receive $500 U.S. to bid on items. Money and item sharing were both disallowed.

Cirie paid $120 for a mystery item that was a hot dog and french fries; Erik paid $80 for another mystery item that was nachos; and Natalie paid $240 for yet another mystery item that was revealed to be bat soup.  Needless to say, Natalie wasn't interested.

"I'll eat it," said James, and Jeff gave it to him for free.  "You gotta take the skin off first, that's the secret."

Amanda then forked over $280 for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a glass of milk and Natalie paid $240 for the next item -- however it wasn't edible.  Instead, she was given the choice to send one person to Exile Island. In addition, she got to keep all of the exiled castaway's money.

Natalie immediately asked Jeff if Ozzy's Hidden Immunity Idol had been replanted, and Jeff said yes.  Despite his pleas not be sent, Jason was chosen by Natalie and shipped to Exile Island.

"Maybe this time you'll get a real [Hidden Immunity Idol]," said Jeff, as Jason had previously discovered Ozzy's fake idol.

The auction concluded with Natalie using $380 of Jason's money to purchase a massive chocolate cake, which she could share with three other castaways of her choice.  She chose Alexis, Parvati and Cirie, and the three had 60 seconds to eat as much as possible.  Erik then paid $40 to lick the cake off of Cirie's finger.

"Something's wrong with that boy," said James.  "He really has problems, poor thing."

Back at camp, Natalie immediately explained she didn't know what to do when Jeff told her to send someone to Exile Island.

"I should not have sent him," she admitted, "but I didn't think anyone else wanted to miss out [on the auction]."

While Cirie unreasonably stated that they "shouldn't be worried" unless Jason is "really good with clues and puzzles" -- which he is -- Natalie knew better.

"Jason's on Exile. We all want him gone," she said.  "The little bitch now has two days of sunshine with the Immunity Idol. Guaranteed hands down: bitch will find it."

The girls concocted a plan to check Jason's personal belongings as soon as he returned to see if he recovered the idol just as Jason started with the first clue on Exile in hopes of finding the real Hidden Immunity Idol this time.  While he was "bummed" at first when Natalie sent him to Exile, Jason said he subsequently realized it was a sign from her that she wanted them to "work together."

"I believe I can trust Natalie in the fact that she kept her word to me at last Tribal Council when we voted out Ozzy, and it's in her best interest to keep me along in this game," said Jason right before he found the Hidden Immunity Idol.

"I feel pretty stupid falling for the fact that Ozzy made me a fake idol," said Jason in hindsight.  "This is not the fake Hidden Immunity Idol.  The decision of Natalie to send me to Exile Island was a strategic move on her part.  I feel like for the first part of the game I'm actually part of a successful alliance.  Right now I feel the most comfortable I've felt in the entire game."

Jason wouldn't have been so comfortable if he knew Dabu's women were already plotting his demise, scheming to prevent him from winning the next Immunity Challenge so they could blindside him just like they did to Ozzy. 

The group "concocted a beautiful plan to disarm Jason's lack of trust," according to Natalie, as she would convince Jason that James would be the one voted out next, making Jason comfortable enough to choose not to play his Hidden Immunity Idol. If it worked, the girls would be able to blindside Jason at Tribal Council.  Worst-case scenario, Jason would play his idol and James would get booted.

"At this point, Jason would be an idiot not to believe anything I say.  He thinks that I'm warming up to him, which I'm absolutely not," said Natalie.  "If this goes [according to plan] this will just be brilliant because not only will it have happened once with Ozzy, it will happen twice! Back to back, girls against the guys."

The next morning brought Erik's 22nd birthday, however he wasn't very jovial because he knew that the women were now targeting the men.  However what Erik didn't know is that the women's hearts weren't completely stone cold, as Natalie said in a confessional that they wouldn't boot him because they want him to "have a good birthday" -- putting targets on James and Jason instead.

Dabu then arrived for Survivor: Micronesia's third Individual Immunity Challenge.  Jason rejoined the tribe and Jeff explained the rules for the three-part challenge.

First, the castaways would race to throw rocks at individual tiles. Once broken, the tiles would release a bundle of puzzle pieces. The first four to break their tile would move on to the next round where they'd have to dig in the sand for a key to unlock their bundle of puzzle pieces. They'd then have to use the pieces to form a wheel, place it on a wench, and spin the wheel to lower a set of planks.

The first two people to lower their planks would move on to the third and final round, where they'd have to use their planks to cross a rope bridge spanning the length of a pool of water. They'd then make their way across a series of disks suspended over a large gap. The first person to cross and reach the final platform would win Immunity.

Prior to the challenge commencing, Natalie pulled Jason aside.

"You need to let anybody but James win," Natalie told him.  "James is going home tonight.  Don't ask any questions... I'll explain to you everything when we get back to camp."

"Once I thought about it I knew you sent me out there for a reason," whispered Jason.

The challenge commenced, and Jason, Erik, James and Amanda were the first four to break their tiles.  James and Erik were then the first two castaways to correctly assemble their puzzle and move on to the third and final stage of the challenge. 

However James' hulking body was a hindrance and he had a hard time using the planks compared to Erik -- who took it slow and steady once James fell.  While James was able to make it close at the end, Erik won Individual Immunity -- much to the delight of Dabu's female members.

Back at camp the girls congratulated Erik since he unknowingly helped them pull-off the first part of their plan by denying James and Jason victory.  Parvati subsequently labeled the tribe's five females as the "Black Widow Brigade."

Jason went to fetch water and as soon as he was gone, Cirie had a suggestion.

"Wait a minute, where's his stuff?" she asked.

Natalie started to go through Jason's bag in search of the idol.  However it was in the presence of Erik and James, who didn't look too pleased at what was taking place.  Natalie eventually found what she was looking for.

"I knew he had it," said Natalie.

"He won't play it tonight," assured Cirie.  "He won't play it tonight."

Just to be sure, Natalie approached Jason and continued to spin her web, reiterating that the plan was to boot James at the upcoming Tribal Council.

"I sent you for a reason," Natalie told Jason, who thanked Natalie for "keeping her word" and keeping him in the game before revealing he found the Hidden Immunity Idol.

"I'm hoping that Natalie's telling the truth and we're voting for James tonight," he said in a confessional.  "She kept her word last time to me at Tribal Council when we voted out Ozzy.  I'm gonna have to trust her this Tribal Council as well."

"I think I'm pretty evil," said Natalie in a confessional, adding she's in "game mode" now.

At camp, James asked Amanda what he should do -- and while she didn't have an answer, she told him that if things go according to plan Jason would be getting blindsided.

"But they're dead set on sending you home," Amanda added.

James said he planned on voting to oust Parvati and asked Amanda to do the same.

"There's no way that dummy is gonna not play his idol," opined James about Jason.

"I don't think he'll play it," Amanda told James.

"If he don't, that'll be tragic," he replied.

"That'd be awesome," answered Amanda.

Survivor: Micronesia's eleventh Tribal Council commenced and James readily admitted that he was in a tough spot after Parvati said the "providers" are expendable.

"It don't look that good for old James right now," he said.  "The social butterflies have done their work... It's all about trying not to make certain people eat that apple.  But somebody wanted to be greedy -- Parvati.  She wanted to make herself in a better position, so she did what she had to do.  She got rid of Ozzy.  Now I'm pretty much next and it's very frustrating.  I can try to politic, but I really suck at that, so what can I do?"

Erik said he felt he was in the same position as James until he won Individual Immunity and Jeff asked Jason if he felt his "social standing" in the game changed as a result of stepping down at the previous Immunity Challenge.

"Every little difference around camp is changing my social standing in this game," he answered.  "But I was sent away to Exile.  I was gone for two days.  It's difficult to say where I stand in this tribe right now."

Jeff pointed out that Exile isn't all that bad if Jason was able to find the idol.

"It was an opportunity for me to look for the idol," agreed Jason.  "But at this point in the game, I wanted to stay with my tribemates and really show them that I can make these differences.  I'll have to see how it plays out."

Voting commenced, and James voted for Parvati; Jason, Alexis and Natalie voted for James; and Erik, Parvati, Amanda and Cirie voted for Jason.

Prior to the votes being read, Jeff asked if anyone wanted to play the Hidden Immunity Idol, and Jason decided against it -- unable to learn anything from Ozzy's mistake.  The "Black Widow Brigade" smiled from ear to ear.

After Jeff extinguished Jason's torch, he told James to let Survivor's medical staff look at the cut on his finger before returning to camp.

Survivor: Micronesia -- Fans vs. Favorites next episode will air Thursday, May 1 at 8PM ET/PT.