Jared Haibon and Caila Quinn romantically quit Bachelor in Paradise together to date in the real world, but things didn't work out, and Ashley Iaconetti might've had something to do with it.

On Tuesday night's broadcast of Bachelor in Paradise: After Paradise, Quinn revealed she dated Haibon for about six weeks after they stopped filming Paradise, and she even met his family in Rhode Island, whom she called the "kindest people."

Quinn, who lives in New York right now, told host Michelle Collins and co-host Sean Lowe that she and Haibon just weren't "the right fit" and "mystical forces" contributed to their break-up.

"Mystical forces" was an indirect way of referencing Iaconetti, who is currently best friends with Haibon. Iaconetti was obsessed and in love with Haibon ever since meeting him on Season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise.

In the last year, Haibon led her on a little bit and Iaconetti expected they'd date in on the third season of Paradise, however, he pursued Quinn, and Iaconetti hated every second of it.

On After Paradise, Quinn said she and Haibon "couldn't get over some things that happened" on the show.

"Friends call him often and he answers," Quinn said, seemingly taking a shot at Iaconetti again. "And things were brought up that we couldn't really let go of, and it made it really hard to go forward."

When asked whether Haibon needs to cut ties with Iaconetti in order to find love, Quinn replied, "I hope not." Quinn went on to say that people only have so much room in their hearts, suggesting Haibon gives too much space to Iaconetti and so he doesn't have much room left for anyone else.

Haibon then joined everyone onstage to share his side of the story. Haibon explained he's still really great friends with Iaconetti and they've discussed his "frustrations" since appearing on Paradise together.

Despite what Haibon saw on television, he stood up for Iaconetti and insisted she always had his best interests in mind and didn't attempt to sabotage his relationship out of jealousy.

Haibon noted that Iaconetti was just looking out for him because multiple cast members had warned him Quinn's feelings for him weren't as strong as what he felt for her.

Haibon revealed he had a "direct conversation" with Iaconetti in February in which he cut ties as to put an end to the drama and her unstable emotional state. However, he texted her a few weeks later to check on her, and the pair determined they'd rather be friends than not a part of each other's lives at all.

Haibon told Collins and Lowe that he and Quinn had "great moments" but "bad moments" as well, in addition to some "difficult conversations." Both individuals apparently decided something wasn't right, and so they parted ways.

Iaconetti then joined the group and admitted she doesn't take any responsibility for the failure of Haibon and Quinn's relationship because she was simply trying to protect him.

Iaconetti owned the fact she probably interfered with their romance too much, but Haibon said it didn't make a difference in his approach to dating Quinn because he always followed his heart.

When Lowe tried to stand up for Quinn by saying she always seemed like a sweet, genuine person, Iaconetti sniped that "a lot of things happened off-camera" that she wouldn't get into.
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