The same blogger who managed to successfully spoil the ending to the last two The Bachelor seasons is at it again.

(SPOILER ALERT: Please stop reading this article immediately if you don't want to know any information about The Bachelorette's sixth season.)

Steve Carbone -- The Bachelor and The Bachelorette blogger who bills himself as "Reality Steve" -- posted a Tuesday blog entry in which he alleges he knows the identities of the final two suitors on Ali Fedotowsky's upcoming The Bachelorette season.

In addition, he claims Fedotowsky was betrayed by two suitors -- one of which quit the show before the season's Final 3 overnight dates and another who was exposed as having at least one girlfriend back home.

Carbone alleges the identities of Ali's Final 2 suitors are Roberto Martinez and Chris Lambton, however the blogger stops short of claiming he knows how the season ended when it filmed earlier this year.

"Do I know who she picks? I've heard things, but at this point, I'm not 100% confident in running with what I know," wrote Carbone in his blog post, which otherwise allegedly details every date and Rose Ceremony elimination that occurs during the sixth season.

"Just know that those are your final two this season."

Ali's Final 2 suitors are allegedly Roberto and Chris by default, as Carbone claims suitor Frank Neuschaefer -- Ali's third remaining bachelor -- quit the competition prior to the season's penultimate Rose Ceremony in Tahiti after deciding he was still in love with an ex-girlfriend in Chicago.

Frank allegedly isn't the only suitor who leaves The Bachelorette due to a prior relationship, as Carbone claims suitor Justin Rego was sent packing by Ali during the season's sixth episode after she is confronted with a phone call from a Toronto woman who claims to be his girlfriend.

According to Carbone, Justin's alleged girlfriend Jessica Spillas was aware that he went on the show and allowed it because he convinced her he was only doing it to further his career as a professional wrestler.

However once Justin left for filming, Carbone claims that Jessica saw a "suspicious post" on Justin's Facebook page from another girl named Kimberly.

"I don't know what the post said, but it was bad enough that it caused Jessica to contact Kimberly. When she did, she found out that Justin had been in a relationship with Kimberly as well," posted Carbone.
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"At that point, she was pissed and wanted to come forward. As did Kimberly. He was playing two women, and neither knew about the other one."

Carbone alleges that Jessica came forward by contacting Jessie Sulidis -- a former The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love bachelorette who also lives in Toronto and previosuly claimed to have seen Rozlyn Papa "making out" with producer Ryan O'Callahan.

Jessie subsequently put Jessica in contact with ABC, according to Carbone, who claims that the network wanted Jessica to "come forward" and discuss her relationship with Ali.

"The only reason why Jessica confronted Ali was because she found out about me. and she was going to wait for Justin to come back home and continue their relationship (I was also planning on doing the same, until I found out about Jessica)," Kimberly allegedly wrote in an email to Carbone.

"But once she knew he was already cheating on her she felt the need to confront Ali so he didnt get away with his games anymore. We wanted to confront Ali together, but the producers didn't want that."

Carbone claims a call was then made to Ali while she was in Turkey with her six remaining suitors.

"Chris Harrison is actually the one who calls Jessie at her place, and Jessica is there with her. Chris gives the phone to Ali, Jessie tells her there's someone on the show who isn't being honest with her, Ali asks who, Jessie says it's Justin, and she knows this because she's sitting right next to his girlfriend," posted Carbone.

"So Jessie hands the phone to Jessica, and Jessica tells Ali the story. Basically that she wanted to tell Ali this because she found out that Justin had been cheating on her with another girl (Kimberly) and that Ali had a right to know."

Ali then confronted Justin about the allegations, according to Carbone, who claims Justin stormed off before admitting to it.

"Not only does he admit to it, but he basically tells Ali that during his time on the show, he realized that there wasn't a connection with her, Jessica is a big part of his life back home, and being away from her made him realize that Jessica is the one he wanted to be with," posted Carbone.

"So with that, Ali kicks him off the show. I have no clue where he stands in his life with Jessica and don't care."

The Bachelorette's sixth season will premiere Monday, May 24 at 9PM ET/PT.