An upcoming Fox reality series, in which a model becomes a TV anchorwoman, is causing quite a stir in Tyler, Texas.

"Anchorwoman" stars model Lauren Jones, who is working at CBS affiliate KYTX-TV for 30 days for the new reality show,The Hollywood Reporter said Monday.

Jones, a swimsuit model, has no journalism experience and had to go through what a station official calls intensive training in how to read a teleprompter and report stories on her own.

The Hollywood Reporter said the show will be the very first reality series to feature someone with no journalism experience being pit into a job surrounded by real journalists.

But not everyone in Tyler is happy about the show.

"One of the last sacred grounds of integrity in local television is the local newsroom, so I guess I would say I'm disappointed to see a station, much less one in our own community, that has evidently sold its integrity," said Brad Streit of KLTV-TV, the ABC affiliate in Tyler.