Fox has revealed the names and profiles of the twelve would-be contestants who will be competing on its upcoming My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss reality hoax series.

Premiering Sunday, November 7 at 9PM ET/PT and produced by the same producers behind last winter's My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance series, Boss will follow twelve young, unsuspecting business professionals as they compete in a fake The Apprentice-like reality series.

Led by improv actor William August (who will play the fictional Mr. N. Paul Todd, a pompous and demeaning billionaire styled after Donald Trump), the hoodwinked contestants will compete for a faux executive position in Todd's supposed billion dollar company named IOCOR.

Wasting no time in humiliating the contestants, Sunday's debut episode will feature the contestants competing in a task even worse than Apprentice's well-criticized lemonade challenge -- panhandling on the streets of Chicago.

The twelve unsuspecting victims of Fox's elaborate hoax are:

Christine, a 30-year-old salesperson from Austin, TX

Annette, a 24-year-old salesperson from Whippany, NJ

Whitney, a 26-years-old sales director from Atlanta, GA

Tonia, a 35-year-old from San Marcos, TX who works in construction

Elli, a 26-year-old entertainment marketing company owner from Jacksonville, FL

Kerry, a 29-year-old marketing director from Jersey City, NJ

Douglas, a 24-year-old investment banker from Greenville, NC

Damian, a 29-year-old entrepreneur from Chicago, IL

Michael, a 34-year-old liquor salesperson from Reading, MA

Robert, a 28-year-old mortgage broker from Middlesex, NJ

David, a 25-year-old financial advisor from Atlanta, GA

Daniel, a 29-year-old finance manager from Dallas, TX