A former Bachelor in Paradise producer apparently isn't surprised the DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios hookup went down considering the cast tends to treat the experience like spring break.

"It's par for the course that there is a drunken hookup that went too far -- that certainly goes on all the time," the former producer told People about one week after Bachelor in Paradise shut down production on Season 4 for a Warner Bros. investigation on allegations of sexual misconduct while filming.

"There's a lot of sex on the various shows that happens that never airs. There are cameras everywhere and there's nowhere to hide, so when cast members behave outrageously, they allow themselves to forget there are cameras -- and just get caught up in the moment."

Production on Bachelor in Paradise was indefinitely suspended after a current producer filed a complaint with Warner Bros. over alleged sexual activity that made her "uncomfortable" between DeMario and Corinne, according to prior reports.

There was reportedly concern DeMario was taking advantage of Corinne since she appeared too drunk to consent to their aggressive PDA. (However, sources recently told E! News that the crew member to file the complaint never actually witnessed the sexual activity, nor did she view recorded footage of the events that transpired prior to taking action).

However, sources close to DeMario told TMZ earlier this week that Corinne actually initiated kissing and foreplay with DeMario on Bachelor in Paradise during the first day of filming, which ultimately led to oral sex in the pool. The DeMario sources say that he feels he did nothing wrong and wants Warner Bros. to release the footage to prove his innocence.

According to the former producer, sexual encounters on Paradise are largely spurred by the fact it's like "spring break or summer camp" for the bachelors and bachelorettes.

"It's like real life is suspended. Time is just different there. You're filming around the clock, production is around-the-clock and it's around-the-clock partying," he explained to People. "It's a party vibe, and that's generally the way that the show works."

A question on everyone's mind seems to be how much of a role producers play -- or should play -- when behavior on Paradise becomes reckless, irresponsible and maybe even dangerous due to the constant flow of alcohol.

"Producers aren't forcing people to do questionable things," the former producer told the magazine. "There are no storylines written. The worst thing they'll do is let people know that the people who succeed here tend to make a lot of friends, or find someone to be in a relationship with."

And when things have gone too far in the past, the former producer insisted staff generally intervenes, "especially if someone has gotten too drunk and can't handle themselves."

"If someone's had a few drinks, but seem to know what they're doing, you're probably going to let that go. If someone is passing out or slurring, you're going to take care of them," he revealed.

"Producers absolutely step in if they think there is something bad going on. They're all over the place and monitoring absolutely everything. The majority of producers are women and there's a real sensitivity to this sort of stuff about being taken advantage of."

(As fans probably recall, the franchise's longtime host, Chris Harrison, kicked franchise villain Chad Johnson off Bachelor in Paradise last summer when he got so wasted that he was of control and verbally abused women, including Lace Morris and Sarah Herron, whom he called a "one armed b-tch").

The producer's claims are consistent with an Us Weekly source who said producers attempted to sober up Corinne following her wild antics on Season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise.

The day after her incident with DeMario, "Producers told Corinne she could not drink and took alcohol away from her," the insider alleged, adding that Corinne was upset she wasn't allowed to drink anymore.

Warner Bros. said in a recent statement the company is looking into "allegations of misconduct" on the set of Bachelor in Paradise, and once the investigation is complete, "appropriate responsive action" will be taken.

Chris Harrison insisted on Good Morning America that "safety and care of the cast and crew" is of the utmost importance and he will keep fans informed when it comes to the future of the season and the show in general.

"It is my sincere hope that we can come to a quick resolution on this and get back to work very soon," Chris said in his June 13 statement.

About The Author: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski
Elizabeth Kwiatkowski is Associate Editor of Reality TV World and has been covering the reality TV genre for more than a decade.