As part of the introduction of its new prime-time schedule for the 2004-05 season on Monday, NBC announced that For Love Or Money 4, a fourth edition of the popular reality dating show which debuted last summer, will air as one of the network's midseason series.

Similar to FOX's new year-round programming strategy, NBC's 2004-05 strategy reflects the network's aggressive approach to the changing nature of primetime television. The strategy includes the early premieres of its fall programming immediately following the conclusion of August's Summer Olympics telecasts, scheduling changes that will minimize encore programming in several key time periods, and the introduction of several additional series -- For Love Or Money 4 among them -- over the course of the season.

One of a record seven midseason series already ordered by the network as part of its year-round original programming plans, For Love Or Money 4 will have a format similar to next month's For Love Or Money 3, following sixteen beautiful female contestants through numerous twists and turns as they try to win the heart of a handsome and charming bachelor.

Once again hosted by Jordan Murphy, the upcoming twelve-episode For Love Or Money 3 will put a whole new spin on last year's For Love Or Money editions by introducing an all-new game with a whole new twist. In this summer's For Love Or Money 3, the women suitors will be forced to answer the question "What is the price of love?" While the women seek to win an undisclosed amount between $1 and $1 million, the handsome entrepreneur bachelor will know the exact amount of their checks, leading them all back to the ultimate question... who is in it for love and who is in it for money?