With the filming of Survivor 5 having begun in the past several days, press reports of Survivor 5 contestant identifications are beginning to emerge.

On Tuesday SurvivorNews.net reported the identification of Carey Schueler, age 27, as a Survivor 5 contestant. Carey is the daughter of White Sox Sr. V.P. (and former G.M.) Ron Schueler. Carey played baseball in high school and basketball in college. In 1993 she became the first woman ever to be drafted in the Major League Baseball draft when her father drafted her in the 43rd round. Carey did not sign and never played professionally (although she appears to have followed in her father's front office footsteps years later and have taken a job in the independent Northern League's Saint Paul Saints front offices years later.)

Tanya Vance

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On Wednesday, numerous media outlets in Tennessee began reporting Tanya Vance (photo at right,) also age 27, as a Survivor 5 contestant. Vance is a victim services coordinator at the Children's Advocacy Center of Sullivan County who works with children who are victims of violence or sexual abuse, helping prepare them for court. Vance's reports are particularly unusual given the fact the supervisor at her place of employment seems to be granting numerous interviews confirming Vance's participation in the series -- an action that CBS normally prohibits through the use of confidentiality agreements that must be signed by all contestants friends and family.

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