The Florida entrepreneur fired by Donald Trump on last week's "The Apprentice" claims the NBC reality show was edited to make him look bad.

Mark Garrison, aka "Markus," told the New York Daily News his "reputation has been decimated" by producers who spliced and used video clips out of order, making him appear to be a gibbering idiot.

Garrison said he sent an e-mail to "Apprentice" staff psychologist Liza Siegel promising to wage a "spirited fight" against Mark Burnett Productions.

Trump told the Daily News he thought Garrison was treated fairly.

"I dealt with him a lot during the course of the show, and you see a lot of difficulty with Markus from the standpoint of talking too much," Trump said. "He seems like a nice guy, but, boy, he just wouldn't stop. I don't do the editing. ... My opinion is that Markus was treated accurately."

Burnett released a statement saying: "Essentially Markus was fired for talking too much, and clearly he hasn't shut up yet."