Bobbi Kristina Brown will reportedly never be taken off life support.

Following multiple reports this past Memorial Day weekend Bobbi Kristina's father Bobby Brown was planning to remove his daughter from life support, family representatives have come forward with some news.

Representatives for Bobby, Cissy Houston and Pat Houston told People that's "a false story" even though Bobbi Kristina has been hospitalized with barely any progress over the last four months. Her condition has remained unchanged ever since she was transported to a rehab facility in March.

According to a Brown family source, "It's background noise. Bobby hears these reports, and it's annoying to him. He hates that people are just waiting for his daughter to die."

The Brown family does not intend to give up on 22-year-old Bobbi Kristina despite Cissy previously admitting there's little hope of recovery.

"Let me tell you this now. Don't believe any reports that Bobby is going to take her off life support," the family source told People. "He's never going to do that. I don't think he'll ever go there. If there's a two percent chance, a one percent chance, a 0.1 percent chance, he will keep hope alive."

Loved ones have reportedly been visiting Bobbi Kristina every day and praying for her to pull through this.

"We don't want America to forget to pray for Bobbi Kristina," added the family source. "As long as she has breath and her heart is beating, no one will give up on her."

Bobbi Kristina was found in her home's bathtub face down and unresponsive on January 31.