Vino Alan was ousted from The X Factor after the show's co-hosts Khloe Kardashian and Mario Lopez revealed he was at the bottom of the leaderboard based on home viewer votes cast immediately following Wednesday night's Top 8 performance show.

Vino, a 40-year-old from Laquey, MO, was sent home by judges Demi Lovato, Britney Spears, Simon Cowell, and L.A. Reid via a 3-1 vote instead of fellow contestant Diamond White, a 13-year-old from Los Angeles, CA, after both artists were revealed to be the lowest vote-getters following Paige Thomas' automatic elimination. Vino was a member of L.A.'s "Over 25s" category, while Diamond is one of the artists who still represents Britney's "Teens" category.

In an exclusive interview on Monday, Vino talked to Reality TV World about his The X Factor experience.

Below is the concluding portion of Vino's interview. Click here to read the first half.

Reality TV World: What did you think of L.A. as your mentor? Did you agree with the direction he was trying to take you as an artist, and do you believe the outcome of your elimination might've been different if you had another mentor working with you like Simon for example?

Vino Alan: Nah, working with L.A. literally is a dream come true. You've gotta understand, what he was doing was showing that I sing true soul as well, so I can always do the crossover -- what people expect me to do but to appeal to the soul community and to let them know I was the real deal and then twist it toward maybe more people, [so they] could feel like my version of Pink's "Sober," things like that.

So there was some strategy that in the end, I guess, was one song choice away from working. But I loved it. It was just a dream come true and I'll have a relationship forever, so that's cool.

Reality TV World: You "sang for survival" against Diamond and the judges seemed to think both of your performances were incredible. None of the judges really said anything about who actually won the sing-off, maybe just because they believed you tied or something. In your own opinion, do you feel you really outsang Diamond and maybe weren't given the credit you deserved or was that not the case?

Vino Alan: No, I mean, that's not really my character anyways. But I didn't get to hear, even if I wanted to. So I didn't -- I probably should go back and listen to her thing too though. I only heard mine this morning, actually. Yeah, it was playing before the newscast. I was on a couple news shows before it. I was like, "Hey, I sounded pretty good." (Laughs)

And then, yeah, I didn't get to hear [Diamond] because I was backstage getting ready for my thing, you know? She's awesome though. She's my homie. That's my little sister. They become family. I'm Uncle Vino to a lot of them and their parents are my friends, you know what I mean? It's just, you get close to these people.

Reality TV World: Could you talk a little bit about what "singing for survival" was like since you only had to do it once? Was it more difficult or nerve-wracking to perform considering so much pressure was on you due to what was at stake, or did it feel the same as every other performance you gave this season and just as emotional?

Vino Alan: That's a great question because until you asked this, I didn't think about it. But it felt like every other performance except for right before when you're standing backstage and you know what's on the line.
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But I still had to do the same meditation and contour with every show, you know, it would drive me nuts with nerves. But no, once I got out onstage, I knew I wasn't going to be held back. I knew I was going to be able to bare my soul, so it felt good, definitely.

Reality TV World: How did your son react to your time on The X Factor? Viewers saw a little bit about your relationship on the show. I'm sure he's very proud of you.

Vino Alan: Yeah, my son could not be more proud. He was the first one who sent me a message, saying I "killed it." My mom was there actually. They flew her out, and so, that was probably the most emotional I got.

I shed a couple of tears when I told her I was sorry, because right when you get off, you feel like you might let somebody down or something like that. It was such a short period that I was in that mind frame, but you know, seeing her kind of, I didn't want to disappoint her, you know?

Reality TV World: You mentioned how you became Uncle Vino to some of the contestants and stuff. Do you think you made any lasting friends while you were on the show? Who do you see yourself remaining in touch with?

Vino Alan: Oh, definitely! They've already -- I think almost all of them have already reached out, or their parents, since I left. Literally, there's so many that even got cut in Boot Camp that I still talk to.

[Reed Deming] -- I mean, there's such a long, long list of people. Freddie Combs, [Jessica Espinoza], Sophie Simmons -- There's just so many great, great performers like Megan McCauley, and they're great people too.

Reality TV World: What was your general opinion of Tate Stevens as a person and artist while you were on the show, and did it kind of shock you that he's managed to land the number one or two spot every week? Why do you think that is?

Vino Alan: Absolutely, absolutely proud of him. He became more like family. I don't know if you know, but he was my roommate for like two months. We met in Kansas City at the original audition, so that was nine months ago.

It's been a nine-month process up until now. But we'd wake up at six in the morning and we were in the same room until midnight when we were crashing. So, I'm very, very happy for him. He just called yesterday and we'll be in touch everyday. We're both Missouri folk.

Reality TV World: Was there anyone who was sent home already that shocked you? And also, out of everyone who's left, who did you see as being your toughest competition?

Vino Alan: Well David Correy definitely shocked me... We became close. He's a great, great talent. And it shocked me the first time Diamond went home. She came back though. But yeah, like I just told you before, there's so many great ones even in Boot Camp that went like [Malachi King], Megan McCauley, Sophie's doing her thing. There's just so many.

And as far as toughest competition, obviously it was me, because if I think, it doesn't sound the same. If I just let go, that's me. But you know, I'm the one that first said "aliens" by the way, as far as the 13-year-olds, and now Simon's using it (laughs) -- which is cool. But yeah, I said that at Boot Camp, that these kids were dropped out of a spaceship. They're Indigo Children and Crystal People.

It's just amazing -- the talent level. I know you have to admit that. Like my little sister [Carly Rose Sonenclar], she's just phenomenal. I couldn't believe [Beatrice Miller] is cut. That's another little sister. It's just, I look after them. I want to do anything I can for them to make sure that they're safe and they bring some good music to us, man. They're awesome.

Reality TV World: You touched a little bit on how you plan to make an album and go on tour. Would you mind elaborating a little more on what's next for you? What are your plans for the near future?

Vino Alan: Yeah, well I can't until after the finale. I can't really be specific, but I'm trying to shoot for the album in January -- around there and hit everywhere in the world that has open arms and open ears, and do it while it's hot.

I'm not just going to go away and then pop up, so I'm starting now -- just preparations. I've got all the biggest producers in the world that are already working with me on the show, and there are other ones who have reached out. It's going to be incredible. I know it.

Above is the concluding portion of Vino's interview. Click here to read the first half.