Survivor couple Jon Misch and Jaclyn Schultz have been engaged for almost two months now and are looking forward to their future together.

Misch, a 26-year-old financial assistant from Waterford, MI, popped the question on October 22 and his new fiancee accepted. During an exclusive interview with Reality TV World on Thursday, Misch revealed when their wedding date might be.

"September of next year we're looking at," Misch told Reality TV World. "We're both really excited."

Misch was eliminated from Survivor: San Juan del Sur -- Blood vs. Water at the conclusion of Wednesday night's broadcast. Despite a couple arguments, he and Schultz, a 25-year-old media buyer from Las Vegas, NV, were very affectionate with one another and worked as a united pair throughout the second half of the game.

Schultz still remains in the running to be crowned the next "Sole Survivor." The other castaways that are still on the show are Natalie Anderson, Keith Nale, Baylor Wilson and Missy Payne.

The finale of Survivor's 29th edition will air next Wednesday night, December 17 at 8PM ET/PT on CBS. The two-hour finale will then be followed by a one-hour reunion show hosted by Jeff Probst.