The Amazing Race eliminated Kym Perfetto and Alli Forsythe during Friday night's ninth broadcast of the CBS reality competition's 25th season.   

The "Urban Bike Racers" team became the seventh team eliminated from the around-the-world competition after they arrived at the Race's ninth Pit Stop at Fullerton Pavilion in Singapore in last place.

Kym and Alli chose to take a risk by trying to complete the Fast Forward task in order to skip over the rest of the leg's challenges and head straight to the Pit Stop. However, "Married Surfers" Bethany Hamilton and Adam Dirks ended up completing the surfing task before they could, forcing the girls to basically start the leg over.

In an exclusive interview with Reality TV World on Wednesday, Kym and Alli talked about their The Amazing Race experience. Below is the concluding portion. Click here to read the first half.

Reality TV World: You girls were clearly annoyed that Misti Raman and Jim Raman were running around with "The Save" in their pocket up to this point, and they seemed to annoy you in more ways than one. What did you think about them as people and Racers?

Alli Forsythe: I liked them. I feel like we're very different. I mean, we come from extremely -- especially me -- their way of life, their everything. We don't have a lot in common as people, but I can really relate to Jim's competitive nature.

And I think part of the way he talks to himself while he's racing and he focuses, I think people take it as he's really arrogant, but I think the things he tells himself while he races -- I think that only helps him and helps his game. I think he's a competitor and it makes him really strong, and I can relate to him in that respect. You know, I can see how it comes across as arrogant, but it also works for them.

Kym Perfetto: He has his eye on the prize. He's very focused and he's very goal-oriented. And Misti, she's great support for him and she has a very good heart. She's a very nice person. She's so strong. She's fierce. I feel like she... is fierce. She really is, and she's an awesome person.

Reality TV World: I've been asking all the teams whether, in hindsight, they think it would've been better to flush Misti and Jim's "Save" out or just try to eliminate another team entirely at the end of a leg. What are your thoughts? Do you think it would've been a smarter decision to flush the "Save" even though no one tried to do that?

Kym Perfetto: I mean, it's hard to say what could've been -- the "what if's" -- but yeah. It's just hard when you're racing in the early legs to make alliances. Early on, there's just so many people, especially in Morocco, there's so many things going on.

And Marrakech is such a busy, chaotic city that there really wasn't much time for any of us to, sort of, form an alliance. But if we could've, it would've been -- that would've been our chance.

Alli Forsythe: Yeah. It would've been a pretty strong power move. And it would've had to be all of the teams against [Bethany Hamilton], and that was only the fourth leg of the Race. And so, at this point, like Kym said, it's really hard to make alliances that early on in the Race.

Reality TV World: That "China Cups" Detour task looked terrible. Was it as painful as it appeared to be and how long did you have to sit through that?
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Alli Forsythe: Oh my God, it was awful. (Laughs) It was terrible! It was the worst thing I've ever opted to do in my life. Because we could've chosen to do...

Kym Perfetto: The crabs.

Alli Forsythe: Right.

Kym Perfetto: We've had our fair share of, I mean, I think I have a very high pain tolerance. And we've had our fair share of bike accidents and crashes and we both take them like champs. And we weren't just being a bunch of whining babies on that table (laughs).

Alli Forsythe: It was terrible.

Kym Perfetto: I almost punched the girl. (Laughs)

Alli Forsythe: That's hilarious.

Kym Perfetto: It was so long. It was awful. It was the worst decision ever to go to that Detour. It was like 45 minutes probably.

Alli Forsythe: ... 45 minutes of torture. (Laughs)

Reality TV World: What did you think of Brooke Adams and Robbie E. Strauss' move to lie to Amy DeJong and Maya Warren about where the clue was when they had to search among five monuments? Do you applaud their competitiveness and desire to get ahead or do you think that was kind of dirty gameplay and a low-blow considering the type of relationship the wrestlers had with those girls?

Alli Forsythe: Well, that was the first time that we knew that had happened when we were watching the episode. And I was shocked because, up until now, Brooke and Robbie had tag-teamed off of a lot of other teams for most of the legs. And that was their first bold move they made on their own.

Kym Perfetto: And so, yeah, we were like, "Oh wow!" And then it also gave us a fighting chance because Amy and Maya then had to drive to the other monuments first, and they were not close together.

Alli Forsythe: Yeah, they were far apart. And I was just like, "Oh my gosh!" If it had worked out that we beat Amy and Maya in that leg, it would've been amazing, because basically Brooke does one bold move and it would've shot her in the foot because it would've kept a strong team in.

Kym Perfetto: It would've been funny. It would've been really funny. Too bad it didn't work out that way. (Laughs)

Reality TV World: Do you think that was a smart strategy on Brooke and Robbie's part though to lie to a team like that at this point in the Race, with the Final 3 coming up so soon? Because obviously the pair seemed to have Amy and Maya as allies and that relationship is probably destroyed now.

Alli Forsythe: Yeah, I don't think it was smart at all. I think it kind of broke up any kind of ally they might've had, and Amy and Maya physically are obviously not as strong as they are and they could always outrun them if it came down to a foot race, like really, keeping Amy and Maya in an alliance with them would've been the smarter move.

I mean, like I said, if it would've worked out that we ended up crossing the finish line before them, because of Brooke's lie -- like, Brooke was the one person who was trying to get us out so bad. So that would've just been really funny. (Laughs)

Kym Perfetto: It's so true, and oh my God, I would've died to see her face.

Alli Forsythe: Right?! The two of them together, I mean, you're getting to the point now where it's like every man for themselves. But the wrestlers and the scientists are sort of weaker teams, so if they would've worked together a little more and stuck together a little more and been smarter with their decisions, it would've made them, you know, they could've stood up to the other two teams, I think.

Reality TV World: Once you girls were out of the Race, which team were you rooting for to win the season -- since you couldn't obviously.

Kym Perfetto: I thought [Adam Dirks] and Bethany ran a very strong race and they had so much fun with it. But then, at the same time, there were four all-female teams running this season as well. So, I was pulling for one of the two.

Alli Forsythe: I wanted an all-female team to win. I wanted the scientists to win, I think, mostly because they're the underdogs and they're grad students. And I know prizes aren't need-based, but if anybody could've really benefited from the million dollars at this point, I can imagine two grad students would.

Reality TV World: Reflecting on your experience in the Race, if you were to ever compete in an all-stars edition, is there something you think you'd need to change or something you improve upon?

Kym Perfetto: Yeah, I think there are. I think Alli and I ran a really, really, really strong race -- potentially thinking ahead a little bit more, and like I said, for the future, kind of trying to form alliances early in the Race and getting to know the teams and getting to know the competition. We ran our own race, and I think in the future, we could play better with others. (Laughs)

Click here to read the first half of Kym and Alli's exclusive interview with Reality TV World.