Dylan Gerard, a 28-year-old nurse's assistant from Jacksonville, FL, is currently a contestant on The Voice's thirteenth season.

For his Blind Audition, Dylan sang "Say You Won't Let Go" by James Arthur and managed to convince both Adam Levine and Jennifer Hudson to press their buttons and turn their chairs around.

Adam thought the subtlety in Dylan's voice was refreshing and said he has a "cool vibe." Jennifer noted that she would've liked to hear him sing a half-step higher before rushing the stage to show him how to master such notes and the transitions between them.

Adam, however, wasn't impressed because he said that's exactly what he'd teach Dylan if the artist ended up on his team and he's been working to perfect switching from his head voice to his chest voice his entire career. With that being said, Dylan joined Adam's team.

After Dylan's audition aired on NBC, he talked to reporters during a conference call about his experience on The Voice so far. Below is what he had to say.

After your audition, Jennifer Hudson wanted you to change the key and have you sing it right then and there. So what did you think of her being already in coaching mode and did that make you consider going with her instead of Adam, who you ended up going with?

Dylan Gerard: Yes, it absolutely did. Just seeing her excitement, just like from the get go, I told myself, "If Adam turns, that's who I'm going with." But when she came up there and I could see her excitement, and I could see this passion, and this caring and this coach-like demeanor, it really made me think for a second, "Maybe I should give Jennifer a chance."

But then we talked about, kind of, what I want to do with my music, where I want to go, and the kind of work that could be done on my voice, and having Adam there to help coach me through the same kind of stuff that I guess he would do because he's got a male voice, it just kind of -- I just had to go with, I guess, kind of my gut, what I wanted to do from the beginning.

It really took a lot of thinking there. I really hated to turn down Jennifer after just how much she kind of put into that. It was really crazy. It was surreal. 

We didn't get to see your bio package on The Voice. So I was hoping you could tell me about Don't Sigh Daisy and what happened with the band, whether you guys are still working together at all. Because it looked like there might have been a new single released earlier this year. 

Dylan Gerard: Yes, so we aren't necessarily still a band. It's like two core members, myself and Joshua Wicker. And we got together and we created this new song, "Better Man," and had our old drummer come in and just play on the track. But for the most part, we all just kind of grew up.

I'm the only one kind of in the band that didn't get married and have kids. So it's just, we got older and it got harder to get together and play, and we weren't necessarily doing it to get big or anything.

It was more something we did for fun. And so, it just became harder to get together and play. But yes, we always -- myself and Josh, we always talk about continuing to make music whether or not we play it live, at least just put it out.
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According to your bio on The Voice website, you've been working as a certified nursing assistant, so I was wondering what brought you to The Voice at this point?

Dylan Gerard: I've watched The Voice off and on since it aired and I don't know. I always looked at it and wondered and thought maybe I could do that. I wonder how far I could get with that, and I think it's probably just a pretty good amount of self-doubt mixed with current stuff that I had going on in my life. 

But actually, someone that kind of helps me book some shows here and there, they just contacted me one day and said, "Hey, man. What's your address? What's this and that?" And I said, "What are you doing? What do you need this stuff for?"

He said, "I'm signing you up for The Voice," and then they just pretty much told me where to go and when to be there. And so it was really somebody believing in me and supporting me, and they're the ones that kind of gave me that push to take a chance on the show.

And I'm so glad that I did because it really, I don't know, it just kind of -- it helped show me that I could possibly be on this kind of platform, on this stage, and kind of put some of that self-doubt aside.

So you've continued to perform as a solo artist ever since Don't Sigh Daisy?

Dylan Gerard: Yes, but just small stuff. I've really only played in restaurants and [I sing] covers. I never really throw in original stuff.

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