Derek Peth and Taylor Nolan have reportedly gotten engaged.

The Bachelor in Paradise couple got engaged during Wednesday night's taping of the show's aftershow, Us Weekly reported Thursday.

"Derek and Taylor got engaged last night," a source told Us. "No one knew Derek was going to propose. He gave her a Neil Lane ring."

The report did not address how Derek managed to propose with a ring from Neil Lane, the show's engagement ring partner, if "no one" truly knew the proposal was coming.

Derek and Taylor paired up during Bachelor in Paradise's opening days and have remained a couple throughout the season's ABC broadcasts thus far. 

According to Reality Steve spoiler blogger Steve Carbone, the pair also left Bachelor in Paradise as a couple when filming concluded in early July and had continued to date afterwards.

However, Monday night's Bachelor in Paradise broadcast had featured Derek and Taylor getting into their first fight as a couple when Taylor told Derek he didn't cope well with her annoying tendencies and he harshly replied, "F-ck you."

Although Derek claimed he was being sarcastic, Taylor said she is very sensitive to swears and trigger words given she had to deal with verbal abuse in her past relationships. Taylor then walked away from Derek in tears and questioned whether she should end their relationship, because she told the cameras she was never going to put herself in a bad situation with a man again.

When Derek tried to talk to Taylor, she said she was "emotionally exhausted" and needed some time for herself to figure out what was going to happen next. Derek respected her space.

Derek then decided to apologize to Taylor again the following day in hopes of mending their relationship. Taylor explained that Derek had crossed a boundary with her, and he said he felt horrible to have hurt her like that. Derek said he couldn't stand to watch Taylor cry, and insisted he wanted to be on the same team and never cause her pain again.

Taylor liked that side of Derek, and she appreciated hearing how he wanted to be a team. The pair agreed they cared about each other, and Derek promised to grow from this argument.

The couple therefore got back together, and Taylor said "the magic happens" in a relationship when you discover how conflict is handled.

Derek originally appeared on last year's twelfth season of The Bachelorette which starred JoJo Fletcher, while Taylor originally appeared on Nick Viall's 21st edition of The Bachelor which aired earlier this year.