David Cook and Kim Johnston had allegedly been enjoying a romantic relationship -- until she claims it became public and he pulled the plug.

The 35-year-old model claims that the American Idol seventh-season champ dumped her after their relationship was outed in August and he feared he'd lose fans over it, Star Magazine reported on Thursday.

"David changed my life in so many good ways," Johnston told Star.

"But I also can't forget my feeling of abandonment, when I was being slammed left and right. I've never had a man treat me as if he was ashamed to be associated with me!"

Johnston claims she and Cook became friends via MySpace in August 2008 -- a few months after he beat David Archuleta to claim Idol's seventh-season crown.  The couple eventually met face-to-face at a New York City hotel Cook was staying at and she stayed the night.

"People will draw their own conclusions, so let them," she told Star.

The couple continued to grow closer over the last year -- until the relationship became public and Cook changed his tune.

"There was a big change in David's attitude!" Johnston told Star, adding that when she asked why he sent her a text message that simply stated, "Dude, I'm losing fans over this!"

While Johnston called Cook a "good person," she's also dismayed by the fact that he would choose his fans' happiness over his own.

"I hope he gets to the point where pleasing his fans doesn't affect his happiness!" she told Star.