Corinne Olympios is emerging as one of the most aggressive "villains" in The Bachelor history, but host Chris Harrison insists she's not all bad.

Corinne, a 24-year-old business owner from Miami, FL, received the first kiss in Season 21's premiere and Nick Viall's first group-date rose on Monday night's episode, but only after she took her top off, interrupted other women's time with The Bachelor star and pretty much got on everyone's nerves.

"As you may have noticed, there is a trend beginning with Corinne," Chris wrote in his Yahoo! TV blog. "She is unapologetic about what she is here for, and she is going after it."

While most of Nick's remaining bachelorettes can't fathom how or why Nick would want to keep Corinne around when he's looking for his future wife, the Bachelor seems taken with her and impressed by the blonde beauty's relentless and intense dating approach -- not to mention her sexual advances.

"I must applaud her level of honesty, though," Chris admitted. "It's very easy to play both sides and pretend you're not just going for what you want regardless of anyone else."

Chris is thankful Corinne isn't all talk. She doesn't seem to care what anyone thinks, and she even claimed her father would be proud of her behavior despite getting half-naked on a first date with Nick in a pool in front of other women during a fake-wedding photo shoot.

"Corinne tells you what she's going to do -- and she does it," The Bachelor host said. "Judging from the fact that she got the first group date rose, it's likely we'll be seeing her date Nick for a while."

It's probably safe to say the longer Corinne sticks around, the more her competition will dislike her and become frustrated with Nick.

In the latest broadcast, a few bachelorettes were already complaining about Nick's intentions when observing his blossoming romance with Corinne.

"It makes me question if Nick is looking to just have a good time or if he's actually really serious about finding a wife," Vanessa Grimaldi explained.

"If Nick likes someone who is just leading with their sexuality, no wonder it's his fourth time [on a reality dating show]! That's really mean, but it's true," Raven Gates confessed to the cameras.