Corinne Olympios is going to show The Bachelor viewers more than just one sexually-charged and wild side, teases host Chris Harrison.

"This is only the beginning of Corinne's journey, but I guarantee you will see her differently in a few weeks," Harrison wrote in his Yahoo! TV blog.

During Week 1, Olympios took her bikini top off in a pool and asked Nick Viall to touch her breasts in front of everyone. Week 2, she dressed in a trench coat and had Viall lick whipped cream off her chest -- not to mention she is "the first woman in history to sleep through a Rose Ceremony."

And in between Olympios' moments of triumph, she interrupts Viall's conversations with other women and makes out with him nonstop.

"Corinne is so fascinating to me," Harrison noted. "She is unapologetically herself, and while that makes her so refreshing, it makes sense why the rest of the women in the house found her actions disconcerting."

As much as Viall is attracted to Olympios, however, her decision to not attend the Rose Ceremony in Monday night's episode rubbed him the wrong way and sent a bad message to her fellow bachelorettes.

"Being on The Bachelor is a difficult situation for all involved. Even the mildest provocation can have dire consequences," Harrison said.

The blonde beauty from Miami, FL, certainly made a splash at the pool party when she straddled the Bachelor in a bounce castle and aggressively kissed him in front of the Los Angeles mansion as other girls watched from afar.

"Things obviously started off as fun, but the women quickly began to hone in on Corinne, and they are starting to question Nick's decision-making based on his relationship with Corinne," Harrison wrote.

"In Nick's defense, he is only starting to get to know these women, and they are all very different -- and as such, he is right to try to think of every relationship individually."

After a special one-on-one date with Viall, Grimaldi was especially concerned about Viall's feelings for Olympios. She confronted the Bachelor about whether he was looking for a future wife or just a girl to mess around with.

"As we leave you until next week, Vanessa is weighing her own feelings about Nick and the whole situation. At this point, only time will tell," Harrison said, playfully adding that more will unfold in regards to the storyline about Olympios and her nanny.
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"A lot of the women didn't find the idea of a grown woman having a nanny so charming. This is only the beginning of NannyGate."